10 Interesting Facts About Singapore

Singapore is inextricably linked with industrialized countries, small countries, contemporary countries, and even countries with some restrictions. However, not many people are aware that the Lion icon represents interesting facts about Singapore significantly. Chewing gum, for example, is illegal to produce, use or sell in the country. It started in 1987 when Singapore’s MRT system came into service. In addition to these facts, there are a few more that have been described in some interesting facts about Singapore.

Singapore Buys Sand from Other Countries.

The first interesting facts about Singapore is about the Reclamation. Due to its small size and proximity to our country, the country of Singapore is difficult to recognize on the world map. Since Singapore is only about 719.1 km2 in size, of course, this is unique in itself. Due to these land limitations, Singapore has aggressively expanded its territory, mainly by purchasing sand from other countries, including Indonesia.

The 10 Interesting Facts About Singapore

Must be Over 30 Years Old to Get Married

This may seem unusual to us, but in Indonesia, there are still many people in their 30s and 40s who are not married. Perhaps in Indonesia, many factors must be carefully weighed before choosing to leave the family, such as career, mental preparation, and financial stability. But, more than 30s in Singapore are required to marry. The Singapore government is involved in this. The first concrete step is to collaborate with the Social Development Unit (SDU) matching bureau to assist Singaporeans in finding a life partner.

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The Maximum Height of the Building Should Not Exceed 280 Meters

Due to the many rules in this Lion Country, Singapore is also known as the 1001 State Ban. One example is the requirement that the structure does not exceed 280 meters. Only three buildings, Republic Plaza, United Overseas Bank Plaza One, and Overseas Union Bank Center, are now higher than 280 meters.

The Highest Indoor Waterfall in the World

Singapore is undoubtedly one of the largest in the world in terms of technology and infrastructure innovation. It’s no surprise that Singapore has the tallest man-made indoor waterfalls in the world. Garden by the Bay waterfall is located on reclaimed land. Nurseries and research institutes for various plants from all over the world can be found in Singapore. Inside Garden by the Bay, visitors can see a diverse collection of native plants and flowers from around the world.

The World’s First Night Zoo

The next interesting facts about Singapore is about the Night Safari, the world’s first night zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Night Safari offers the most comprehensive and famous collection of wild animals in the world. Visitors will be able to take a tram tour of the entire zoo, which will describe each species. From 19:15 .m to 21:00.m, the Night Safari is open.

Best Airports in the World

At the 2017 World Airport Awards, Skytrax rated Changi Airport as the largest airport on the planet. The airport with first-class facilities has won this award for the sixth year in a row. Changi Airport has also been named the largest airport in Asia and the airport with the best leisure facilities, in addition to being the best airport in the world. Changi Airport is famous for its complete check-in, arrival, shopping, transfer, security, immigration, and exit gates.

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Lesbian Relationships Are Legal, Whereas Gay Relationships Are Not

The interesting facts about Singapore are that the rules are very strange. However, you did not misinterpret it; It is illegal in Singapore to have sexual contact with men, as stated in the law. Sexual encounters with women, on the other hand, are not prohibited under the alias law. Anyone who violates the law faces up to two years in prison.

Have the Best Math Students

Singapore values education, which is why it is one of the most developed countries in the world with the best students. Singapore also has institutions with world-class facilities and curricula, with some of them even ranking among the top universities in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that Singaporean students have the best math skills in the world, or are consistently at the top of the worldwide math ability rankings.

The Majority of Singaporeans Live in Flats or Apartments

The next interesting facts about Singapore is that the majority of its inhabitants live in apartments or flats. Given Singapore’s limited size (719.1 square kilometers) and population of nearly 5 million people, this seems realistic. If every Singaporean has their own private house, it becomes almost impossible. The most acceptable answer to this problem is apartments and flats.

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Singaporeans Walk Fast

The last interesting facts about Singapore is about the people there who walk quite often in Singapore; Almost all of its inhabitants are walking. They take public transport unless they have to travel long distances. According to a study conducted by the British Council, Singaporeans walk at the fastest speed in the world, at 10.55 seconds every 18 meters.

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Those interesting facts about Singapore are amazing. Those of you must never be thought about it. Therefore, those who are curious about it, can see it while you come to the country.