Local Fashion Singapore

Singapore is famous for its interesting local fashion. Therefore, no wonder that there is much local fashion Singapore that can make many women fall in love. Not just trendy, but the design is also stylish and the color is attractive. For those who plan to get some fashion from Singapore local brands, here are the lists.

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One of the famous local fashion Singapore is Aijek. This brand brings a fresh style to look and wear by women.

Adlina Anis

The next brand comes from Adlina Anis, a local brand that focuses to create a modest hijab style. Adlina Anis has many experiences in creating a nice style for fashion. That is why this brand is one of the favorite hijab brands for many hijabs.

Benjamin Barker

If you search for a nice outfit for working, then Benjamin Barker is a good selection. This Singaporean brand focus on man clothing especially for daily office work activities.

Beyond the Vines

One of the lovely brands that give a fresh style also is Beyond the Vines. This is a local fashion Singapore brand that dares to play with various colors with chic style.


Another brand in Singapore that is worth buying is BIRO. This brand focus on menswear with some formal and attractive colors. It has many products starting from premium shirts and pants.

Davids Daughter

For a cheerful design and fashion, David’s Daughter is a good selection to make among many other local fashions in Singapore. This fashion has a specific style with a colorful and attractive design.


If looking for a unisex design and fashion, then Depression can be a good selection. Especially for young women and men, this brand is a famous clothing brand in Singapore with an edgy style.


For an office woman who looking for a nice style with a certain kind of design, then Esse can be a good selection to make. These are the fashion brands in Singapore that dare to create a soft color and trendy style for the office and formal outfit too.

In Good Company

The next brand that is also a famous local fashion Singapore is In Good Company. It has a cool design with a specific style that is designed carefully for the modern woman.


Another brand from Singapore is Inventory which dedicates fashion not only for women but also for men too. This brand is specializing in designing formal clothes for daily outfits.


IORA is one of the famous clothing brand in Singapore that has been last for many years. The collections are stylish and keep up to date. It provides various blouses and pants casual and formal.


If you love a feminine look, then Klarra is a good selection of local fashion Singapore. This brand focuses on a various outfit that looks nice and feminine for a woman.


For those who search for a sporty outfit, then Kydra is the clothing brand in Singapore that focus on various fashion for exercising. That is why this outfit is preferable for those who need some outfit for their daily sport and activities.


Under a similar parent company with IORA, LALU is a fashion brand focusing on teenagers and young women. Most of the collection is fit for the active woman. Starting from t-shirts, pants, blouses, hoodies, and many more.

Lily and Lou

If you search for colorful fashion with an attractive pattern, the Lily and Lou can be the answer. This fashion always comes with nice design and style.

Love and Bravery

The next fashion brands in Singapore are Love and Bravery. Similar to its name, this brand gives a strong color that will make a woman look pretty and brave at the same time.


For anyone who wants to have a nice classic and heritage fashion, then Matter is the best local fashion Singapore that focuses on this style. Not only look nice and beautiful, but the material also comforts to use for daily activities.

Our Second Nature

This is one of the local brands in Singapore that select many attractive colors focusing on nature and earth. Therefore, most of the fashion design with earth tone and natural color selection.

Pink Salt

Those who search for local fashion b Singapore that focus on swimwear and resort wear can trust their selection to Pink Salt. This is one of the brands that created some nice designs for this purpose.

Sabrina Goh

One of the local fashion Singapore is coming from designer Sabrina Goh. She is famous for her vibrant design that creates some awesome outfits daily.

Salient Label

Another romantic look and style come from Salient Label which mostly designs nice dresses and fashion for a woman. The brand is also full of feminine touch for every design of their fashion.

Those are some of the local fashion Singapore that succeed to bring a breakthrough not only in the country but also in several other countries around Asia. With this fashion, it will make you look nice and fantastic too. Therefore, don’t ever doubt to get this fashion for your daily outfit.

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