8 Famous Singaporean Womenswear 2022

Singapore is not only a country with various destinations, but the country also has many brands to select from. One of the commonly selected brands is Singaporean womenswear which is not only pretty but also chic. Therefore, many people around the country love to select this womenswear for their shopping list. For those who feel curious about the most famous Singaporean womenswear, the following are some of the lists.

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Anju Harleen

For those who love the look of Indian women in Singapore, then you must try to shop one of the clothes from Anju Harleen. As a designer that has been focused on fashion for many years, this New Delhi-based label has been successfully creating feminine wear with Indian style. The inspiration mostly comes from sari in India, not to mention additional accessories with elegant design. So that it will make anyone wearing the brand will look nice, pretty, and of course glamour at the same time.


Any woman loves cotton material then you can try to select Ellysage as your collection. This famous Singaporean womenswear always selects nice cotton for the basic material of their fashion. So that it does not only look good to wear but also comfortable enough for long-wearing. Furthermore, the brand also has a nice and unique concept for its design. Such as selecting a color combination or focusing on textural crepes. So that it can make anyone wearing this suit will look trendy and edgy too.

In Good Company

One of the famous brands in Singapore for women is In Good Company. This brand delivers nice outfits with a specific pattern for their consumer. The basic concept of the design mostly deals with contemporary style with matching neutral colors such as grey or black. So that the brand always gets the trust of many Singaporean. Furthermore, the brand is also one of the famous brands for many foreigners around Singapore country.

Max Tan

This is another Singaporean womenswear that has been established in Singapore since 2006. Max Tan is a brand with a specific concept that will look the fashion quite different from any other design. So that most Singaporeans love to collect the fashion for their daily outfits. Furthermore, with a certain style of minimalist design combined with a futuristic look, Max Tan successfully created some eye-catching fashion. This led the brand not only famous in the local region, but also exported to various countries such as Italy, Norway, and China.

Ong Shunmugam

If you love Chinese style patterns on your clothes, then you also can select to choose the fashion created by Ong Shunmugam. Most of the fashion is pretty with flower ornament and design similar to old Chinese cheongsam. Deliver with certain patterns and colors, most of the designs will suitable to use for some formal occasion. Not only that, but most of the clothes are look elegant and comfortable too. So that is no wonder if many Singaporean loves this womenswear to support their special occasions.


Most Singaporeans must be known about Rye. This is nice Singaporean womenswear that has many collections that will fit with anyone. The concept of fashion design is focused on a simple style that will fit any daily activity. Furthermore, the color selection is also neutral and warm so that it fits with most women in Singapore. The price is also not too expensive so that it is still reachable by many women. With a certain nice design and comfort material, Rye is one of the favorite labels in Singapore with many fans across the country.


Another famous Singaporean womenswear that also good selection to choose from is Stolen. This brand has a specific pretty design for women through its soft color and material selection. Not only that, but most of the design also focuses on the feminine side of the woman. Through some fashion accents like ruffles and stripes, most of the clothes can make any women look fashionable and beautiful at the same time. The price is also still affordable so much Singaporean love to wear the fashion for their daily activities.

Ying The Label

Another brand of fashion in Singapore that looks unique and classic at the same time. Ying The Label is one of the Singaporean womenswear that always shows a nice pattern on the design. The design concept of its fashion focuses on a various selection of Chinese patterns with suitable selection colors. So that the result always fascinating and look pretty too. Not to mention that most of the fabric comes from outside Singapore, such as Japan and Korea. So that it will give the best and most comfortable fabric for their customers. Furthermore, with some attractive color selection for the fashion, it makes Ying The Label is loveable by many Singaporean women.

By selecting nice Singaporean womenswear above, it will help you to get the best outfit at a reasonable price. Most of the above designs are beautiful, trendy, and stylish at the same time. So that you don’t have to worry about your look when wearing these clothes. By having matching tops and bottoms, you can look amazing with the clothing brand above.

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