Singapore Music Culture

Singapore music culture is diverse so you can find music with any genre in this country. This can happen because of the multi-ethnics that can be found in this country. The existence of people who come from various ethnicities makes Singapore rich in music culture. Each resident has their own distinctive and unique traditional music to cause curiosity for other residents and also foreign tourists. Those of you who may currently be interested to find out more about music culture in Singapore can continue to follow and see the following description.

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Chinese Music

Singaporeans are mostly Chinese. No wonder the Chinese music that develops in this country is very fast and can be enjoyed well by most of the citizens. In Singapore, it is not even rare to be shown operas with Chinese music themes that are very enjoyed by Singaporeans. Even this Chinese culture can also be enjoyed by foreign tourists who are visiting Singapore and want to know more about Chinese music. Music culture is also shown by the existence of Chinese-style music groups that have sprung up and survived until now.

Malay Music

In addition to Chinese music apparently, there is also Malay music that can also be found in Singapore. You who are fans and connoisseurs of Malay music will certainly feel at home while in Singapore because of this genre of music that is very good to listen to. The Malay music genre is also present in the keroncong version which is also turned out to be quite popular among the people of the country. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find vocal performances accompanied by Malay music complete with all the best musical instruments. Malay music culture is also often used as accompaniment music at some official events or traditional events such as wedding events.

Hindustan Music

Another Singapore music culture can also be found in the genre of Hindustan music that is identical to India. Indian music sounds distinctive and has its characteristics. Of course, the peculiarities of Hindustan or Indian music make it seem unique but can be enjoyed by all levels of society. Hindustan music culture is still popular in Singapore until this day and it is still delivered at some special events or celebrations such as Deepavali.

Peranakan Music

At first, glance when hearing the term Peranakan Music may be quite confusing because the term Peranakan itself tends to be infinite. Peranakan itself in Singapore is a descendant of Chinese immigrants who later married local Malays. Apparently from here comes Peranakan music culture which is a blend of English that uses Malay tones. This contemporary song is very good to listen to at any time.

Western Classical Music

There is a Singapore music culture related to songs of Western Classical music that seems to have a very important role in the cultural life in Singapore. Even in Singapore, there is a Western Classical music center precisely in the SSO or Singapore Symphony Orchestra which is the venue for orchestra performances. This genre of music is occasionally also displayed in some public places such as the presence of classical Western music performances for free in the park so that everyone can watch it. This music then develops to be more widely found in Singapore such as on MRT stations and so on.

Rock Music

Enjoying various genres of music in Singapore is fun. Various types of music in this country can indeed be enjoyed by all levels of society, including rock music that is more liked by a group of people who claim to be young at heart. This type of music can indeed cause a new spirit to become a favorite for some people. In Singapore itself apparently, rock music is also liked as one of the Singapore music culture, until there are several alternative bands that occasionally also perform outside Singapore.

Metal Music

Almost the same as rock music apparently in Singapore there are also other genres of music, namely the metal genre. This music is also well received by Singaporeans and even some foreign tourists who visit Singapore can also enjoy this genre of music. But unfortunately, metal music culture is not very well developed like other music cultures. Even metal bands from Singapore are not as well developed as bands from Rock music. Performances of this music are also not as often as Chinese or Malay genre music and others.

Experimental or Improvised Music

The last Singapore music culture reviewed this time is Experimental or Improvised music. As the name implies, this music can be said as a type of music that is a rock genre but experiencing development. Initially, it may be that conventional Rock music culture tends to be found in Singapore. But now you can find and enjoy the improvised music culture that emerged due to the influence of several famous bands on the growing improve rock in Singapore.

Singapore music culture is certainly you can find especially when you are in Singapore. With this different music culture, you can get a complete musical feel in this country. Of course, the presence of various types of music makes the art culture in the country more beautiful.

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