Banks in Singapore Ranking

Banks in Singapore ranking certainly makes many people want to know in more detail. Because banking institutions are currently the center of attention for many people. The function of financial services institutions seems to be very important so that bank rankings are carried out. Including all banks that are established with an operational base in the Singapore area.

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Of course, the presence of all banks in Singapore is a target for citizens. Not only Singaporeans but also foreigners. Trust in bank institutions is increasing to the expectation of banks to always provide the best service. For those of you who are currently in Singapore, there is no need to be confused about finding a bank. You can certainly get the best financial services in the following banks in Singapore ranking.

DBS Bank Limited

DBS Bank Limited is one of the best banks in Singapore. This banks in Singapore ranking is even the largest banking institution in Singapore. In addition, this bank is also the largest banking institution in southeast Asia. Of course, its name as a bank institution is no doubt. Many Singaporeans believe in this bank so they become customers of this bank.

OCBC Bank Limited

There is also OCBC Bank Limited whose name also soared even in various countries in the world. The financial institution that became the largest bank in Singapore is no longer in doubt about its services. This can be seen from the increasing number of customers from this one bank. All customers of these banks in Singapore ranking are also satisfied with the services and facilities provided.

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UOB or also commonly called United Overseas Bank is also one of the largest banks in Singapore. It can be seen that the assets in this bank are very large. Until the number of employees working in this company is innumerable. It is also not difficult for this bank institution to then spread its wings. Finally, this bank had opened many branches to get out of Singapore.

Banks in Singapore Ranking


The bank that also gets a high rating in Singapore is Maybank. Since its inception until now Maybank has grown quite rapidly. All its products are growing until the facilities and services are always increasing. This development makes it more satisfying for bank customers. No wonder Maybank Singapore Limited then gets a fairly high rating in Singapore.

Standard Chartered

One of the largest banks in Singapore rating is Standard Chartered. It is known that this bank had become the first international bank to receive a license from Singapore. Many bank products are offered to bank customers. Call it starting from savings and current account products and there are also loan products. There are still many other products such as credit cards and investments and others. All existing products can be enjoyed by Singaporeans and others.


Singaporeans also certainly know clearly about Citibank Singapore Ltd. This banking institution is also called the best bank institution in the Singapore area. Almost the same as all other well-known banks this bank also has very many assets. The high of this asset is even in terms of employees employed at this institution. Therefore, all the services provided to customers are certainly the best. Until the rank of this bank is always at the top and has a place in the hearts of the citizens. Banking services are always provided to residents in Singapore and surrounding areas.


The banking institution in Singapore which is also in the highest position is HSBC Bank Singapore. The company, owned by British HSBC Holdings Plc, is a banking institution that offers many products. Even all the products and programs it has to tend to offer benefits to customers. Until now it is known that HSBC has many of the best facilities. That is why the rank of this bank is always top until all its services are called satisfactory. Moreover, all these services tend to be satisfactory for all bank customers in this banks in Singapore ranking.


Those of you who are in Singapore can also enjoy the facilities of Indian banking institutions. More precisely, the State Bank of India is located in the Singapore region. At first glance, maybe this bank is quite attractive to Indians who are in Singapore. But that does not mean that this bank is only intended for Indians in Singapore. More than that, apparently this bank also serves other customers even though they are not Indians.

Bank of China Limited

The presence of Bank of China Ltd also enlivens the presence of the best bank institutions in Singapore. This bank also offers many types of services to customers. Almost all of these services can be enjoyed by residents. Of course, all bank services can help you all in managing finances. Until now this bank managed to occupy the top 10 best banks in Singapore.

Banks in Singapore ranking as above can certainly be a reference for all of you. Especially for those of you who want to use financial services in Singapore. You can choose some of the banks above to do financial management. Of course, you will get the best service from all these banks. Until the financial management is done well and the results are certainly more satisfactory.

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