Adventure Cove Singapore

There are many interesting places in Singapore. One of them is the Adventure Cove Singapore which offers some exciting outdoor experience for those who loves challenges. Therefore, if you plan a vacation to Singapore, you can put this attraction as one of your lists to visit. However, most people will be curious about the place first before deciding to come to this place. Therefore, the following paragraphs will help to give some overview related to the location, opening hours, ticket, and anything important to know.

Adventure Cove Singapore Opening Hours

One of the most important things to know before planning to come to this place is the opening hours. So that you can properly plan your visit to this exciting place. For information, the place is open from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM. Therefore, make sure to select between this hour if you want to enjoy various attractions in this place.

Also, note that these opening hours apply every day from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, any day you plan to come to Adventure Cove Singapore, manage to get there at 10.00 AM for an optimum time visiting the place. So that you can spend your day within the area up to its closing hours.

Adventure Cove Singapore Facilities

There are many interesting facilities to find if you visit Adventure Cove Singapore. This amusement waterpark provides several facilities such as a public toilet, dining area, gift store, and many more. Therefore, no need to worry if visiting the place. You will find a complete facility to support your time while having an exciting experience here. Whether you come with friends or with family, even though with elderly or with children, all facilities are properly provided for the visitor.

Other information related to the facilities includes the attraction in Adventure Cove Singapore. There are many kinds of attractions to select according to your preference. If this is your first time visiting the place, then you can try to select attractions on the following lists.

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Ray Bay Encounter

Here you can get a new experience swimming and touching dozens of rays. Don’t get afraid since this activity considers very safe to perform. Especially for the children who love to seek another new adventure and information. This is a suitable activity to perform while visiting this attraction area. However, be noted that there are only three sessions a day to perform this activity. It is at 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM.

Shark Encounter

If you have more brave to experience something extreme, then you can try to experience a shark encounter. Feel the extreme feeling through swimming among the sharks in a pool. You will find various species of shark such as hammerhead, silvertip, and many more. The most thing to prepare in this activity is only brave. Therefore, if you have brave, then you will be ready to encounter this attraction.

Dolphin Island

If you wish to interact with dolphins, then this is the most suitable activity to perform. This is usually loved by many children who want to get close and touch the dolphin. Therefore, you can try this experience with your family and feel the sensation of touching and playing together with the dolphin in the pool. You can even take a picture and memorize this activity while playing with the dolphin.

How to Order Ticket

If you feel interested to visit the place, then you shall plan to order the ticket first. It is better to prepare accordingly so that you can easily manage the day of your visit. To support this online order, you can direct to the official webpage and select your preferred day. Simply select the date and then select the type of adventure to experience. The price starts from 15 SGD and may increase according to the type of attraction. Therefore, make sure to spare enough budget if you want to try all the attractions in Adventure Cove Singapore.

How to Get There

Another important thing to get is the information related to how to get to this place. It is actually not difficult to reach Adventure Cove Singapore. Since it is inside the area of Sentosa World. So that anyone who plans to visit the place can easily reach the Sentosa area through the various selection of transportation.

The best is to get here through MRT. You can easily choose the MRT line for North-East Line and stop at Harbour Front Station. From this station, you can direct to the Sentosa area and manage to get the Adventure Cove Singapore. This normally takes less than 30 minutes from Singapore city center to this area. So that you don’t have to worry about taking a long time to reach the attraction area.

Through the information above, it is now clear how to reach and to attend Adventure Cove Singapore for holiday. So that anyone who plan to visit the place will not experience any issues. Straightly use the above information to plan your visit to this attraction. Feel the unique experience while adventuring this place in Singapore. Create an unforgettable moment with friends and family in this adventurous place.

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