Amazon Singapore: Overviews, Reviews, and Full History

Singapore, a sovereign city-state known for its world-class cuisine and diverse culture, is the first country in Southeast Asia to have its own Amazon market. His name is Amazon Singapore. As one of the “Four Asian Tigers”, Singapore has a strong economy that allows outside companies to do business there.

But the question is, how can you get into the world market and how to get started. How much does it cost to sell on Amazon Singapore, and what is the best product or way to sell? Below is a guide that explains how to sell on Amazon Singapore and gives good tips to get started.

What Can You Do on Amazon Singapore?

Amazon Singapore: Overviews, Reviews, and Full History

If you are ready to start selling in Singapore after seeing the original, registration is very easy. After registering at Seller Central, you can start ordering your goods in the marketplace To set up your Amazon Singapore site, just follow the 5 steps here.

Most product restrictions are the same as in other markets, but Amazon Singapore requires approval for all products in the Automotive category and may also require approval for some products. products in other categories.

Like most overseas markets, they recommend using fulfillment services to avoid paying for transcontinental shipments. Amazon FBA seems like an obvious choice, but you can consider other options if you want. You may also want to consider shipping when you first ship abroad. No matter how well your plans are, going to a new market is usually always a little daunting.

Create an Account with Amazon Singapore as A Seller

This article will show you how to start an online store on Amazon Singapore. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a seller account on It also lists listing requirements, product listing rules, and some helpful tips on how to sell well on Amazon.

First Step

There is one part of the global economy that has gotten a huge boost from the COVID crisis: online shopping and e-commerce. When the pandemic broke out in many countries, people were forced to switch from in-store shopping to online shopping.

While Singapore has one of the strictest lockdowns in the country. For this reason, Singapore’s e-commerce industry has grown rapidly. The total value of consumer goods sold in the e-commerce market grew by 32% in 2020 year-on-year.

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Online Shopping in Singapore

Since Singapore acquired eBay in 2004, e-commerce has grown rapidly. In Southeast Asia, Singapore’s e-commerce market currently has the highest average revenue per user, according to a recent Statista report.

Singapore succeeds because it has a high GDP per capita, a well-developed technological infrastructure, and a government that wants to make its country “smart” or technologically literate. The country claims to have the best e-commerce market in Southeast Asia. This shows that Singapore has a lot of room for e-commerce growth.

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Amazon has become one of the most popular online platforms in Singapore. Small and medium-sized businesses and individuals can easily start an e-commerce business on Amazon. Amazon.

For sellers, Amazon could be a way to break into Southeast Asia’s burgeoning e-commerce market. Before starting or expanding your e-commerce business in Singapore, you should consider the demand for your products in the region.

Due to the pandemic, the trend of used products has changed. According to the 2021 Datareportal report, the most popular product categories (travel, travel, and accommodation) fell by 7.% while the other categories increased by 30%. Therefore, it is important to follow the latest trends in a particular product category.

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Different Types of Amazon Singapore Accounts

Anyone who wants to sell on Amazon Singapore, whether a business or an individual, must create an account. There are account types:


In this case, it is the client’s business in retail relations with Amazon. Amazon buys its products and then sells them to customers. This means that the company is a supplier of Amazon. This relationship is called a “first party” relationship because in this case, Amazon is a record seller.

So, first-party sellers (1P) are branded manufacturers who sell inventory directly to Amazon, which then resells it to customers. “Shipped from and sold by” is written next to this item on the shopping platform.


While Amazon customers must be sellers, anyone can be a seller. Sellers are independent businesses or individuals who only sell their products in Amazon stores.

This relationship is called a “third-party” relationship because Amazon is not the seller of the disc, but the third party that is the seller. There are two types of sellers: retailers and brand owners.

Before you start selling on Amazon Singapore, it is very important to understand the restricted product policy and ensure that the product is not on the list of prohibited products.

As a seller, you must ensure that the following conditions are met. You are authorized to sell and transport products subject to export, import and customs laws. Singapore product restrictions are similar to those in other markets but generally depend on the type, grade, and brand of product.

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That’s a brief review of Amazon Singapore which is one of the economic forces in Singapore. If you are willing to be part of the vendor or seller there, then you can prepare from now on and prepare a good product for customers.