Best Book Store in Singapore, Offline and Online

Do you know where is the best book store in Singapore? Reading a book is a favorite activity for many people, including in Singapore. Therefore, it is necessary to get some information related to the bookstore in Singapore.

So that in case you want to buy any new book, you can easily get it as your expectation. For those who stay in Singapore and plan to buy a book today, see the following lists of some best book stores in this country.

Best Book Store in Singapore, Offline and Online

1. Kinokuniya

Book Store in Singapore: Kinokuniya. One of the famous book store in Singapore is Kinokinnuya. Everyone must be familiar enough with this book store since the store can easily find in any area of Singapore. Furthermore, this book store has various kinds of book collections with complete series. So that anyone who comes to the store will easily get the book they want.

2. Popular Book Store

Book Store in Singapore: Popular Book Store. The next complete book store in Singapore is Popular. Align with its name, this is a famous book store too. Therefore, many people who want to search for any book will come to visit this store. Furthermore, the store also provides various book collections local and import. So that you can find any book according to your needs in this book store.

3. Times Book Store

Book Store in Singapore: Times Book Store. Another book store that also has many branches around Singapore is Times Book Store. This is a nice book store with a complete collection and a nice price. If there’s any event and celebration, then the book store will apply some sales or discount. This must be a chance that you don’t want to miss anyhow. Therefore, the book’s lover shall pay attention in case of any price markdown or sales in this book store.

4. BooksActually

Book Store in Singapore: BooksActually. BooksActually is also one of the best book store in Singapore that prefer by many Singaporean. You can easily find this book store in Tiong Bahru, Singapore. If you wish to sneak the collection, you can also try to find its official webpage. This book store is a good place for those who seek any literature in English. So that is no wonder if this is one of the destination book stores by many students.

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5. Basheer Graphic Books

Book Store in Singapore: Basheer Graphic Books. If you staying around Bras Basah Complex, then you can try to buy a book in Basheer Graphic Books. This book store is quite famous and searched by many Singaporean. Since the collection is very complete and the price is also affordable. Furthermore, this book store contains various graphic and art books aligned with its name. So that this is a good place to search for any reference related to art and graphics.

6. Epigram Books

Book Store in Singapore: Epigram Books. If you wish to have an alternative to buying a book online in Singapore, then you can consider buying at Epigram Books. This book store has an online store that will be able to serve their customer through an online method.

So that you can just pay the money for the book you want and then it will deliver right to your house. It is a more efficient and effective way on getting your favorite books without experiencing traffic.

7. French Book Shop

Book Store in Singapore: French Book Shop. If you search for a book store in Singapore with a lot of French literature, then French Book Shop is a suitable selection to make. Furthermore, the book store also completed many book collections. So this is one of my favorite places to search for any book for Singaporeans.

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8. Woods in The Book

Book Store in Singapore: Woods in The Book. Anyone of you plans to teach your children to read a book, then you must try to visit Woods in The Book. The store is pretty colorful and the store is completed with various children’s book collections. Here you can guide your child to select an appropriate book. So that your child will be happy and satisfied with their visit to the book store.

9. Select Books

Book Store in Singapore: Select Books. Another option of a book store in Singapore is Select Books. This store is established in 1975. Therefore, many Singaporean familiars enough with this place. Furthermore, it has the most complete Asian book so most Singaporean know the store as an Asean book specialist. In case you need any reference related to ASEAN, you must have a visit to this store.

10. The Zall Book Store

Book Store in Singapore: The Zall Book Store. The last famous and best book store in Singapore is The Zall Book Store. This is also a nice place to find some book collection for the read. Located in Orchard Road, this book store has more than 30,000 books in Chinese as their collection.
Those are all the list of the best book store in Singapore either offline or online. These lists can help you to determine which book store is near your location and which one is the most affordable price with a good collection.

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So that you can get the book you want and then fill your day with reading the book. Through the list above, you can also check if any new book is published already.