An Overview About British Expat in Singapore

Singapore is a country that was once a former British colony. So it’s no wonder that there are so many British expats in Singapore.

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Expatriates working in a wide variety of fields and companies in Singapore. Not only that, observing the lives of expatriates can be said to be interesting. If you want to know more about what they live in Singapore, follow the information below.

British Expats Communities in Singapore

An Overview About British Expat in Singapore

Singapore is a country that accepts a wide variety of expatriates in its country. One of them is a British expat who is a foreign worker at various well-known companies in Singapore. It is therefore not difficult to decide to accept a new job in Singapore for British citizens. With so many expats from the UK, finding similar communities is not a difficult thing for them to do.

Many societies combine a wide variety of workers from England. Often on weekends, there are many activities carried out together among fellow expatriates from the British countryside. Either hold a banquet or just a business meeting to discuss. There are quite a lot of meeting and activity options that can be filled in meeting with fellow workers from the country in Europe.

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As for looking for the nearest place to find this gathering of British expatriates, then the embassy is the most appropriate place to visit. There are generally many interesting events at the embassy to support each other expatriates from the UK who gather to work in Singapore.

So if you want to enjoy the atmosphere that is close to the atmosphere in the home country, visiting the embassy is the right decision. Because it’s going to feel like you’re at home, with the same type of people and habits. So it doesn’t feel awkward and feels fun.

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Difference Living in Singapore VS British

The important thing that is generally a question for British expats in Singapore is what is the fundamental difference between living in the UK and Singapore. For example, in terms of language, culture, and so on.

It is quite important to know the information to prepare yourself if intending to stay in Singapore later. Therefore, there are some fundamental things in this difference, ranging from the weather, language, and habits carried out by Singaporeans.

Please note that Singapore is a country adjacent to the equator. So of course it will experience a different season than in Europe. Therefore, make sure to prepare for this weather difference. Because in Singapore the air will be much more humid than in Europe.

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The country has only two seasons, the summer season and the rainy season. So there will be no extreme weather conditions that are cold snowy and the average daily temperature is quite warm in this country.

In addition, the question of culture is also something that must be considered by British expats in Singapore. Because the habits of western and eastern citizens have a fairly high cultural difference. Moreover, Singapore is dominated by Malay and Chinese tribes. So that more or less has a thick eastern culture and is similar to the two ethnics.

The next thing about language can also be a little interesting thing to know. Although Singapore is an English colony, it should be noted that the official language in Singapore is not just standard English.

Many people use Singlish. Where Singlish is a modified English with many additional accents from the Hokkian language. So it will sound a little different. But for formal conversations in the office, standard British English is used.

Cost of Living in Singapore for British Expats

Related to the cost of daily living in Singapore, of course, the cost of living in this country is still more affordable compared to in the UK. In Singapore, there are quite a lot of stall food that set the price quite friendly for lunch to dinner. So if you are brave enough to try local food, then this is a cheap way to meet food needs every day.

In addition, the cost of accommodation and transportation in Singapore is also still arguably affordable for most British expats in the country. Compared to the higher cost of living rates in the UK, Singapore is a country comfortable enough to be a destination for many expatriates from Europe. This includes expatriates from England.

Not to mention that British expats in Singapore worth a high salary compared to local workers. Therefore, it is not surprising that the life of European expatriates in this country is quite comfortable and fun. There are even many who are interested in trying their luck to start a new career in Singapore.

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Those are some interesting things to find about British expats in Singapore. For those of you who are British, don’t be afraid to start a new experience in this exciting country. There are many opportunities to work in Singapore. Moreover, considering the good relations between the two countries from Singapore and the United Kingdom. So of course as expatriates who come from the UK will get a good and friendly welcome from residents around Singapore.