BTPN Profile: History, Track, and Career in Indonesia

BTPN profile in a financial services industry may be your consideration in finding the best financial institution. BTPN itself is one of the well-known banks, especially in Indonesia. The financial industry, which is widely known by the domestic community, is headquartered in the capital of Indonesia, namely Jakarta.

The exact location of the head office is in the Mega Kuningan CBD which is located on Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav 5.5-5.6. The location is strategic and easy to find so that anyone can access it easily.

Then those of you who want to get services from BTPN can immediately go to the head office. Or those of you who are outside Jakarta can also get services from BTPN bank branch offices that are evenly distributed. For a further overview of BTPN profile, see the following explanations.

Historical Stories of BTPN Profile

BTPN Profile: History, Track, and Career in Indonesia

The story of the beginning of the BPTN profile establishment may be something that many people want to know. Bank BTPN itself was established on October 6, 1959. This company initially started its history in Bandung precisely in 1958.

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At that time this company was called PT Bank Pegawai Pensiunan Militer or Bapemil. Initially, this company only accepted and gave loans to retired TNI. Then in 1960, this bank was licensed to be able to operate as a commercial bank. And in 1986 apparently, PT Bapemil changed its name to become PT Bank Tabungan Pensiunan Nasional.

Then in 1993, the bank was designated as a commercial bank. After becoming a commercial bank, BTPN’s services have increased. For example, in 2009 this bank launched an MSE loan business. Furthermore, in 2011 the bank launched a community empowerment program. Furthermore, the BTPN profile continues to experience good developments.

E-Banking with BTPN Profile

BTPN profile as a financial services institution and bank has also developed following the times. In this era, digital and internet services are certainly increasing rapidly in use. Therefore, BTPN holds e-banking services through BTPN e-banking, whose presence makes it easier for you to access banking activities.

From here you will get the convenience and convenience of accessing a BTPN account. E-banking services do provide an opportunity for all of you to be able to transact practically. Therefore, this e-banking service is widely used by BTPN customers.

You can now access this banking service using a variety of media. You can use a laptop or tablet and can even access it via your phone. You can use all media to be able to make financial transactions comfortably at any time you like.

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Open Savings in BTPN

Having savings or deposits in a bank is a desire for everyone. For those of you who are currently looking for the best bank institution to be able to have deposits and savings, you can choose the BTPN profile.

Various deposit products from this bank institution can be an option for you. Of course, deposits and savings in the bank also do not need to worry you. Because your savings will always be safe in the bank so that you can do the money storage process comfortably.

Moreover, the ownership of deposits and savings in this bank is accompanied by excellent service for each individual. Now various types of savings products are also present ranging from deposits and retirement savings to savings for companies.

All these savings and savings services will be very profitable for customers. Coupled with the security guarantee from the bank which allows anyone to save without any doubt.

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Apply for a Loan

It’s not just savings products that you can get from BTPN banking institutions. But you will also get loan application services at this bank. Applying for a loan at a bank will certainly be one of the alternative solutions for you to meet your needs. Even now there are various types of loans from the BTPN profile that can be a mainstay service product for all of you.

Starting from loans in the form of employee loans or employee loans to pension loans for BTPN customers. This credit facility is certainly designed for workers and even after retirement.

In addition, there is also a term loan program that can be the best way out for those of you who are entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you need a loan, you can immediately apply for a loan at BTPN. The process is easy and fast and following applicable regulations.

Entrepreneurial Business

As previously discussed, BTPN presents a program for those of you who run a business. For example, savings products for corporations or there are also loan products for businesses. Therefore, you can get capital assistance from this bank institution so that business development can be carried out.

In addition, you can also store company assets in BTPN so that you will get profits. It’s not just savings and loan products that you can get. However, business people who become customers of BTPN will also get other services. Such as finance service that will certainly help you to manage company finances.

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BTPN profile listed on it is still equipped with the presence of product services for business development and entrepreneurship. Therefore, no need to feel worried if you want to be part of a bank customer. There will be many interesting advantages to reach through the bank institution.