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The cheapest condos in Singapore are always sought after especially by backpackers who need a place to spend the night and rest while in the country.

In addition to being cheap, of course, the facilities are quite complete and adequate also make it a target for many foreign tourists. Even not only tourists but this cheap condo can also be sought after by people who plan to settle in Singapore because of various needs.

Those of you who are currently looking for cheap apartments in the Singapore region no longer need to be confused because you can see the following reviews.

Cheapest Condos in Singapore

1. Lucky Plaza

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 1: Lucky Plaza. One of the cheapest condos in Singapore is Lucky Plaza. The exact location is at 304 Orchard Road and you can find the location easily. Besides being cheap apparently, this apartment has quite complete facilities for you all. Moreover, the location can be said to be very strategic.

Its location is in the city crowd so it is close to various shops and shopping centers at the same time traversed by many public transportations. But you have to keep applying yourself well because you will not get the same service at the hotel on Lucky Plaza. However, this place is good enough to spend the night in Singapore.

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2. Oakwood Premiere AMTD

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 2: Oakwood Premiere AMTD. Another cheapest condos in Singapore can also be found in Oakwood Premiere AMTD which is located at 6 Shenton Way OUE Downtown 1.

The same as the previous condo, this one is also located in the city crowd, so the location is quite strategic. All the facilities that you can get in this apartment are also quite complete so that all your needs can be met and fulfilled properly. You can also have fun more easily in this condo because of its location which is very close to some entertainment venues in Singapore.

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3. Ascott Raffles Place

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 3: Ascott Raffles Place. Ascott Raffles Place is also one of the cheapest condos in Singapore with a fair rate, so it is often used as a place to spend the night. The room is comfortable coupled with good enough facilities for all guests or its customers. This apartment is located at No. 2 Finlayson Green which is sure to be the best place for all of you.

In this apartment, later you can spend the night even together with all the family or friends or hang out comfortably. You can also reach some of the most famous tourist attractions in Singapore, namely the Merlion Statue and Singapore flyer.

4. Ascott Orchard

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 4: Ascott Orchard. Finding the cheapest condos in Singapore is not too difficult because you can get them in many corners of the place scattered in Singapore. In addition to the three condos above, you can also select Ascott Orchard located at No. 11 Cairnhill Road Orchard. This apartment is in the shopping center located in Singapore.

In addition, this apartment is also not far from many stores, places to hang out, and a place to buy souvenirs from Singapore. This cheap apartment is also close to several tourist attractions so you can easily travel if you spend the night in this apartment.

5. Somerset Bencoolen

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 5: Somerset Bencoolen. Those of you who want to live in the Bugis area can choose to live in Somerset Bencoolen. The facilities are complete so that your needs can be met properly. This cheap condo in Singapore will also provide several kinds of benefits for all of you. Its location at 51 Bencoolen Street is quite strategic and close to some of the public facilities available in Singapore.

Plus, the location of this apartment is also close to public transportation so that anyone who spends the night in this place can travel more easily.

6. Downtown Cosy

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 6: Downtown Cosy. While in Singapore you can also choose a Downtown Cosy apartment located at 139 Tyrwhitt Road Kallang. The location of this apartment is close to the concert venue so it is highly recommended for those of you who want to see the concert at any time.

In addition, the location of the apartment is also close to the famous culinary venues in Singapore. Staying overnight in a fairly cheap apartment will make your break feel more comfortable and undisturbed.

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7. Scotts Square

Cheapest Condos in Singapore no 7: Scotts Square. The last cheapest condo in Singapore that are recommended for you is Scotts Square. It is located at 8 Scotts Road. You can spend the night in this apartment with family and close friends. Although not too expensive this apartment is a comfortable place for anyone who lives and spends the night there. The facilities are quite complete so that at least you can be more pampered with anything available.

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The cheapest condos in Singapore above will be the best residence for you. Even though the price is cheap, the comfort can certainly make you feel at home during the night in the apartment. Because all condos that can be rented at low prices still provide good facilities. So that you will enjoy your days in Singapore.