Chinatown Singapore

Anyone visiting Singapore must have been hearing about Chinatown. This place is one of the heritage areas that is loved by many tourists. Not only can enjoy various attractions, but visitors can also enjoy various kinds of culinary from China around this place. Therefore, it is one of the interesting places to visit if staying for vacation in the country.

However, for those who plan to visit Chinatown Singapore for the first time, you need to get sufficient information about the area. So that you can decide which attraction is interesting to see or which place is comfortable to stay around this place. For more information about this area, the following paragraphs can be good information to start.

How to Get Here

Most of the local people reach this place through public transport. Singapore is a country with great connections of public transport such as MRT and bus. Therefore, if you wish to visit this place from the city center or from the airport will be easy. Simply use an MRT and select the North East and Downtown Line. Here you will find Chinatown MRT Station which is located precisely at the heart of the area. From this MRT station, you can continue your travel by walking around and finding your purposed place. It shouldn’t take too much time to get around the area.

However, if you come from the airport and plan to reach your booked hotel in Chinatown, you can also choose to use a taxi. You can straight away come to the place within 30 minutes only. Then you can directly get your hotel to stay at during your vacation.

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Attraction Around Chinatown Singapore

There are many interesting attractions to see whenever you visit Chinatown, Singapore. This place has many unique and incredible buildings. Furthermore, it also has several streets to visit, such as Pagoda Street, Trengganu Street, and many more. Here you can find Buddha Tooth Relic Temple that not only has a long history but also have a pretty culture to see. Those who want to take a picture of the heritage Chinese ambiance in Singapore can come to visit this area and take some photographs.

Another option of attraction to visit in this area is the night street food in various places. During the nighttime, there are many places that serve local cuisine that is very tasteful and tempting to try. Most of the food is Chinese cuisine. Some of the food is not halal, therefore, if you are a Muslim, you need to find out more about which food is safe to eat and which one is not.

The next exciting thing here is the night market. Every weekend you can find the night market and enjoy various products selling in this market. You will find some cheap shirts, bags, chocolate, and many more. Therefore, if you come to Singapore with a minimum budget, you can decide to go shop in this area, which considers more economical.

History of Chinatown Singapore

Another thing that is interesting to know is the history behind this awesome place. Not many people know the story behind this area. Unless the local community has been staying here for many years ago. The history behind this place is very nice to know. Starting from the beginning of this place as a result of colonial places in Singapore, up to the plan to develop the area as part of Raffles plan of Singapore.

It was a quiet place until the Singapore government decided to build a housing development in this area by 1960. More people come to visit this place and then decide to stay in this area. So currently, the place is very crowded and consists of many Chinese. That is why it is one of the locations with major Chinese people around Singapore.

The place brings a unique experience from its heritage ambiance around the street and the buildings. Furthermore, as a place where colonial buildings are present, this is a good place to enjoy the old culture of Singapore. Since the area is majorly full of Chinese people, the food and the culture around are mostly similar to traditional Chinese tradition.

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Hotels in Chinatown Singapore

Chinatown Singapore is located in a strategic place with various choices of places to stay. It has many hotels and guest houses from low fare to expensive fare. You can choose various types of rooms such as for single, or for family. Therefore, you need to manage accordingly so that you can get a proper room during your vacation in this area.

Some of the hotels in Chinatown Singapore can be booked online. Otherwise, if you have a sufficient budget you can plan through a travel agent to help you choose a suitable hotel. Some of the recommended hotels in this area including

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The above information will provide a sufficient overview related to Chinatown, Singapore. So that in case you are interested to come to this area, you can plan accordingly for an optimum visit. There are so many interesting things to do around the area. Furthermore, this can be a very exciting moment on your vacation in Singapore. In which you will remember in the future and remain sweet memories forever.