CIMB Niaga Profile: History, Track, and Career in Indonesia

CIMB Niaga profile as a financial services institution in Indonesia is not in doubt. CIMB Niaga as one of the leading banks in Indonesia has gained a place in the hearts and minds of all people.

Not only for local people but also for migrants and foreigners who live in Indonesia. Of course, the name of this bank institution is familiar to anyone. Even this bank branch has spread widely throughout the domestic area.

This fact about the CIMB Niaga profile makes many parties interested in becoming clients and customers. The increase in clients and customers at this bank is a sign of the progress of CIMB Niaga. For further information, check the following paragraphs.

History of CIMB Niaga

CIMB Niaga Profile: History, Track, and Career in Indonesia

Currently, the CIMB Niaga profile is one of the well-known banks that is quite curious for many people. The process of its establishment and the existence of this bank in the past may come to mind. CIMB Niaga, which is headquartered in Indonesia precisely in Jakarta, was founded on September 26, 1955. This financial services industry operates in Indonesia, and its branches have been spread across various regions.

Initially, this bank institution was called PT Bank Niaga which later received permission to operate as a commercial bank. Then in 1974, this bank was designated as a foreign exchange bank. And in 1991, it seemed that this bank became the first bank to provide online services.

This institution then changed its name to CIMB Niaga precisely in May 2008. Until today, the CIMB Niaga profile has always been synonymous with bank financial institutions with undoubted quality.

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Digital Banking Services from CIMB Niaga Profile

Digital banking services are an advantage for the CIMB Niaga profile. Therefore, it is always trusted by the public. One of the digital services available in the ATM service makes it easier for all of you to make financial transactions. In addition, there is also a Digital Lounge which is also useful for managing finances in the future for all of you.

Not to forget that the OCTO Clicks and OCTO Mobile are also part of the digital service. Convenience will also be obtained by customers with the presence of phone banking that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The mobile phone account that is part of this also apparently adds to the bank facilities that you can get.

Products of CIMB Niaga

Every service provided by the CIMB Niaga financial institution is sought for the best. Until later all its services can be utilized optimally by all customers.

Similarly, various types of products are available to the clients of this bank institution. Starting from the savings product which is certainly an interest for the people of Indonesia. Not only that but there are also Credit Card products that are widely used by the public to meet their needs.

Several loan products are also present for you, starting from KPR and KTA products. Those of you who want to invest can also take advantage of products from the CIMB Niaga profile such as Mutual Funds. Many other products are very useful for you such as Insurance and Waqf as well as Treasury money management.

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Promotion from CIMB Niaga

One more advantage of the CIMB Niaga profile is the existence of various exciting promos. This whole promo is interesting for many people. Moreover, the promos that apply are generally in the form of cashback ranging from 20% to 30%. All promo vouchers can be used precisely when you are shopping for certain products. With this promo voucher, you can shop more efficiently. This of course feels good for most people, especially those of you who like shopping and the like.

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Career with CIMB Niaga

Another thing that is also a highlight for many people regarding the CIMB Niaga profile is careers. Perhaps this is not related to customer financial management. But after all, a career in this financial services institution has become a very interesting thing. Many people want to take part in this career in the banking industry.

The quality of CIMB Niaga bank, which is increasingly emulating day by day, certainly does not escape from the role of staff and employees. The entire staff certainly serves customers as much as possible to provide the best results.

From this career service, of course, CIMB Niaga can continue to improve the quality of its services to the community. The staff who experience self-development will help customers in terms of financial management. That is why you don’t need to hesitate to choose the CIMB Niaga profile as a place to manage your finances.

Asset Development

CIMB Niaga’s profile is increasingly attractive with the development of its assets. It is known that until now CIMB Niaga has had total assets of more than 300 trillion. In addition, the bank’s operations are also expanding to 374 branch offices throughout Indonesia.

In addition, there are also more than 4,000 ATMs that are always ready to serve all CIMB Niaga customers. This is enough to indicate a seemingly rapid development.

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By having an overview of the CIMB Niaga profile above, you can make sure to be part of the bank customer. With its various benefits and products, it is a good selection for those of you. Mainly if you wish to manage a better financial service. Then CIMB Niaga is one of the banks that are worth trusting.