Cost Of Living Comparison by City

Selecting a suitable city to stay in may not be easy. Since there are many considerations to make, one of these is the cost of living comparison by city. Each city will have a certain index and cost of living. So that anyone needs to estimate the number and make sure which one is the most suitable place to stay.

Otherwise, without sufficient financial income, you may not be able to sufficiently live in the city accordingly.

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Therefore, the first information to receive whenever someone plans to move out is the estimated average cost of living. So that later on, deciding the suitable city to stay in can be easy. To support these needs, the following paragraphs will inform about the cost of living comparison by city.

Cost of Living Comparison by City in The UK

Cost Of Living Comparison by City

The UK is one of the countries where many people are keen to stay there. As one of the countries with many promising jobs, this can consider one of the wealthy countries that dream by many expatriates. Living in the UK can be an exciting experience. However, getting information related to the daily expenses in this area will be necessary.

As an example when you plan to live in London or in Edinburgh. You will need to carefully estimate which one is more economical to live in. With reference to the cost of living in London VS Edinburgh, you will find that London will be 48% more expensive than Edinburgh. Since London is the capital city. Therefore, anything will be more expensive. Such as cost for accommodation, cost of meal and cost of groceries. Before deciding to move to London, it is better to get sufficient income which matches your monthly expenses here.

Cost of Living Comparison by City in The US

Cost of Living in New York

Another interesting country is the US. America is a place where many people also like to stay too. There are many promising opportunities in this country, plus it is also a good start to run a business. Therefore, every year many foreigners decide to move to the countries and then live there to receive permanent resident status.

However, it is important to know that each city in the US will require a different level of cost. Therefore, it will be necessary to perform a preliminary calculation of whether you will be able to stay in the city or not. You can start by comparing the cost of living comparison by city in the US.

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For example, comparing between New York City and Oklahoma. You will definitely need a high income whenever you decide to stay in New York. Since this city has 90% more expensive cost to stay compared with Oklahoma.

As the heart of the business in the US, New York notes a very expensive cost for living including house rent, transportation, meal, and anything. So that if you don’t have sufficient income to stay here, you might need to switch your plan and decide to live in another city around the US.

Cost of Living Comparison by City in Indonesia

Another sample of cities to stay in is Denpasar and Jakarta. These two cities are the most popular among many cities in Indonesia. Therefore, no wonder if many foreigners plan to stay in the cities and start a new life. However, most of them are not aware of the cost of living in each of the cities. So that sometimes they get a difficult time paying their needs since they don’t estimate their expense very well at the first.

For information, it is an almost similar cost to stay in Jakarta with Denpasar. However, both offer a different living experience. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia so that you will dealing with a big city with an expensive cost of living everywhere. But, in Denpasar, you can find that this is a city with a lot of tourism attractions. Some areas might be expensive to live in, but if you find a perfect spot, you will see that the cost is more friendly.

Cost of Living Comparison by City in Europe

Cost of Living in Portugal

The next common comparison made by many people is the cost of living comparison by city in Europe. One of the most common cities to compare is France and Italy. Therefore, it is no wonder if people try to compare Paris and Rome. If you carefully check on the comparison, you will find that Paris will ask you for a more expensive cost to stay. The difference is about 41% so that it is quite a big number between living in France and living in Italy. So that you need to make sure that you have a suitable income to cover these costs.

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Through the information above, it is clear that cost of living comparison by city can help someone decide whether it is a suitable city to stay in or not. They can estimate all the expenses and match them with their income accordingly. So that there wouldn’t be any necessary financial problems after that. With a suitable cost of living comparison above, then deciding the most comfortable place to stay is feasible.