Cost of Living in Philippines

Cost of living in Philippines. Living in an Asian country is considered a low expense by many foreigners. Most of the country in Asia charges a small rate for various things starting from accommodation up to the daily groceries. A similar way when you move to the Philippines.

The cost of living in Philippines can be said to be quite low compared to many countries in the world. That is why the Philippines is one of the purposed destinations for some foreigners to get a nice living.

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For those who are also interested to move to the Philippines, it is better to have an overview related to the entire cost in the country. So that you can estimate how much expenses to spend every month whenever you decide to stay in the Philippines. To get this information, the following are some descriptions related to the cost of accommodation, transportation, meal, and any other cost in this country.

Cost of Living in Philippines for Single

Cost of Living in Philippines

If you are single and plan to move to this country, the average cost of living in Philippines for a single is around 500 USD without rent. Therefore, you need to add the fee for apartment rent according to your financial capability. Normally, the cost for a studio apartment in the city center is around 300 USD per month. If you wish a more economical cost, you can select an apartment outside the city center which can cost half.

You need to consider the fee for your daily meal too. If you are a fast-food lover, then you shall be ready to spend at least 3 USD per meal in a fast-food restaurant. It means you will spend 10 USD per day for your entire meal. While if you prefer to have lunch and dinner in the restaurant, it cost you a slightly different price.

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As a single in the Philippines, you will also need to have some fun with your friends. If you want to go to the cinema, you need to spend 5 USD per ticket. But if you love sport, you can try to join a gym membership which costs 37 USD per month. Therefore, if you have enough budget, you shall spend at least 50 USD per month for your leisure time.

Cost of Living in Philippines for Couple

A similar thing if you decide to move to the Philippines as a couple. You will need to prepare at least 1,500 USD per month to cover all your needs. Therefore, with this money, you can get proper accommodation in the city center and able to get your meal in a proper restaurant too. Furthermore, this value is also sufficient to give you some pleasure time while staying in the Philippines. Not to mention if you both are having a proper job or business in this country. You even will be able to save some amount of money while you are here.

Cost of Living in Philippines for Family

A slightly different way if you move to the Philippines with your family. If you have children, then you shall spare some cost for their education or daycare. The cost for a daycare every month is 190 USD per month. While the cost for a primary school per child is 400 USD per month per child.

Therefore, it takes around 2,000 USD per month to have proper living in the Philippines for the expatriate family without the rent cost. It is noted that the school fee is applied for an international school. While public school can be more economic, but you shall deal with the local language if you select the local school for your child.

Another thing that shall be added is the rent cost for a family in the Philippines. The cost of a three-bedroom apartment in the city center is around 650 USD. Therefore, you shall add this cost for a proper unit or apartment for your family while staying in the country. If both parents manage to work together, then you shall get sufficient income to cover all these monthly needs.

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Average Income in the Philippines

Not only to know how much money to spend in the Philippines monthly, but you also need to get precise information related to the average income in this country. Unfortunately, local people only receive around 300 USD per month for common jobs. But, for expatriates, the salary will be different. If you have a skill, then you can receive at least 3,000 USD per month in this country. Therefore, do not worry to move to this place. Since you will get sufficient income to cover all your monthly needs properly.

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Those are all some overviews related to the cost of living in Philippines. With the overview above, you can estimate the total cost to spare every month so that you can enjoy an appropriate living in the country. Whether you are moving to the Philippines for a new job, for study, or anything else, make sure you have sufficient income to cover your needs over there. With sufficient money, then you will be able to enjoy your moment in the Philippines with a pleasant time.