Cost of Living in UK (United Kingdom)

How many cost of living in UK (United Kingdom)? UK or United Kingdom is one of the countries that receive many foreigners every year. Each year many expatriates are moving to the country for jobs or college. Therefore, one of the common pieces of information to seek is the cost of living in UK.

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Of course, it will be different between the cost of living for a student and the cost of living for a family. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the amount of the cost to stay in the UK. For more overview about this, the following paragraphs will give clear information.

General Expenses in UK

Cost of Living in UK (United Kingdom)

Before calculating the total cost of living in United Kingdom, it will be necessary to check what are the common expenses in this country. Whenever you stay in a country, typically you will need to spend money for several purposes.

First is the rent cost for housing or accommodation. This can be varying according to the type of accommodation. If you prefer a small unit apartment, it will be more economical than choosing to rent a full house for a family.

Another main expense in the country is transportation and food. This is to support your daily activities while staying in the United Kingdom. Therefore, always make sure to note your mode of transportation from home to your working place. So that you can get an estimated number of the transportation costs.

Regarding the cost of the food, it will also be different between a single person with a family. A family will spend more cost to buy food for the entire family member. Therefore, it is necessary to make a list of your daily food to make sure that your meal will be within the budget. Furthermore, you need to consider the cost for three times meal including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Cost of Living in UK for Student

Whenever a student from a foreign country decides to perform his study in the UK, usually the cost of living in UK is quite similar.

For information, a single person in the UK will spend about 900-pound sterling per month. Therefore, you will need to budget this cost if you want to stay in the UK to continue your degree or masters.

This cost is excluding the cost of education. The annual tuition fee for a university can reach up to 40,000-pound sterling. It is a quite high number. Therefore, you shall make sure that you have the tuition fee before deciding to join any university in the UK. Alternatively, you can apply for a scholarship that will support you with a free tuition fee while in the UK.

Cost of Living in UK for Couple

A standard comfort living in UK for a couple will be around 27,000-pound sterling per year. Therefore, a couple needs to raise around 2,250-pound sterling per month. This is including the cost for a unit rent for staying, the cost for transportation, the cost for food, and any other extra costs.

While the predicted salary of one person in the UK is average 15,000-pound sterling per year or 1,250-pound sterling per month. This means that the common salary in the United Kingdom can cover the expenses of their citizen.

However, one of the things to note is that the standard of comfortable living of every person can be different. Therefore, it is necessary to exactly estimate your preferred place of living and daily lifestyle to make sure whether your job’s income will suit your expenses. Otherwise, you might not be able to comfort living in the country.

Cost Living in the UK for Family

A different cost if you decide to bring your entire family to the United Kingdom. The cost of living in UK for a family with four persons can reach up to 3,000-pound sterling per month. Therefore, you have to make sure that you will earn enough amount of income if you come to the UK for a new job.

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These costs include the cost of house rent, daily food, and daily transportation. While if your children need to go to school, then you need to spare for about 15,000 pound-sterling annually. This means it will cost you about 1,250-pound sterling per month.

In terms of job salaries, the UK notes a good income for any type of job. For example, a cashier can get up to 12,000-pound sterling annually. This means this position can receive up to 1,000-pound sterling every month. This will be suited to cover the expense of a single person.

While an expatriate usually will get a professional job such as a financial analyst can receive up to 40,000-pound sterling annually. This means this salary will suit the average living cost for the family in the UK.

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Through the information above, it is now clear how much is the cost of living in UK, either for a student or for a family. The paragraphs above clearly explain the components of the costs and how much cost shall be provided to meet the daily needs. With this information, at least it can help any expatriates plan to move to the country. So that they can make sure that their income will suit the required cost.