Expat Health Insurance in Singapore

Expat health insurance in Singapore has many benefits or uses. Therefore, every expatriate living and settling in Singapore must have health insurance. Even this provision also covers tourists who are also encouraged to have health insurance when going to visit this country.

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This type of insurance is indeed important so it becomes one type of requirement for expatriates. Especially in the pandemic period that is not sure when it will end so every expatriate must have this health insurance.

To find out more about expat health insurance in Singapore, including how to use insurance in this country, then you can continue to see the following explanation.

Singapore Health System

Expat Health Insurance in Singapore

As a country that wants to be visited and even inhabited by every expatriate, of course, Singapore until now has a lot of citizens in it. But all Singaporeans must have health insurance that can help their owners when they have to undergo treatment and health care in hospitals.

The best-known health system is always strived to be able to provide the best service for citizens. So this health system is run with subsidies that require every citizen and expatriate to have health insurance.

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The existence of expat health insurance owned by every expatriate in Singapore can certainly be used in accordance with its function. Health care can be done in a variety of ways. Of course, an easy and practical payment system becomes one of the methods used by the government. Therefore, payment using health insurance is highly recommended.

To support the use of this insurance, the government has provided special policies or regulations such as regarding health care rates so that the cost of health care can still be controlled.

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Health Financing Through Insurance

Almost every Singaporean actually uses health insurance to perform treatment in health institutions. This insurance then becomes a kind of guarantee for everyone’s health. Even to support this, the government also has a role in the planning and design of health systems in hospital institutions to take advantage of insurance.

So payments can be made using the help of insurance owned by each expatriate while seeking treatment and doing health care in a Singapore hospital. Financing using this insurance also covers several things.

• Mediasave

One of the things that are also part of expat health insurance in Singapore is Mediasave. This is medical savings account precisely under a CPF or Central Provident Fund account. This Mediasave becomes a savings account that will be used to make payment of medical expenses precisely in the front. In addition, this savings account can also be used to pay premiums from health insurance policies.

• Mediashield

Furthermore, there is also Mediashield which is a basic insurance scheme with a lower cost amount. Usually, this insurance is intended more specifically for every Singaporean who has savings with an amount that is not enough to be able to meet the full cost of treatment and health care.

This system also applies to expats living in Singapore. However, this Mediashield system is very useful and also very helpful for every Singaporean who wants to do health care in certain hospital institutions. The premium can later be paid through the Mediashield system that has been described above.

• Mediafund

There is also another program of expat health insurance payment schemes using health insurance, namely Mediafund. This refers to a program called the Singapore safety net.

The program basically covers only the cost of hospitalization as well as the cost of receiving medical services in the lowest class. So it can also be said that this program is only aimed at Singaporeans including expatriates who have spent funds from Mediasave and their Mediashield.

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The amount of funding for this program can depend on how much each of you. In addition, funding and coverage also depend on your health condition and status both socially and economically.

Ease of Health Treatment in Singapore

The presence of an insurance system to pay for care in hospital institutions is very helpful and makes it easier for anyone who needs it. The same goes for expatriates who are living their lives in Singapore. You can choose the hospital you want to go to and can get the insurance you use. So when you need to perform a treatment later, you can use your own insurance. Of course, this will make it easier for you to do treatment in Singapore. The payment process is also fast so you don’t have to worry.

Expat health insurance in Singapore can be used anywhere. Basically, the government is very supportive of payment systems using insurance in various hospitals. So you can choose the desired place of care and carry out health care well. You also do not need to think about the financing system because the financing becomes easier thanks to insurance.

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Expat health insurance in Singapore with all its uses is also a requirement for those of you who want to travel to Singapore. Even more so if you have to live in this country. Then health insurance will be very helpful for you if it turns out that suddenly you need it at an unexpected time.