Indonesia Population

Talking about Indonesia, of course, can talk about many interesting things. Understandably, Indonesia as a country with many islands and residents has a variety of unique and interesting information to listen to. Including if you want to know an overview of Indonesia population. There are a lot of pictures of the population of the country that can be obtained.

However, there are still many people from other countries who may not understand this information. Including the Indonesian population itself, it may not understand how big the Indonesian population is this year. Therefore, it is worth listening to the explanation that will be poured in the following paragraphs. So that at least there is a picture of the population in the country.

About Indonesia Population

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest population in the world. The data on Indonesia’s population changes every 10 years. This is because the government conducts a population census to find out for sure the growth of the Indonesian population.

From the current population data of Indonesia, it is known that the number of the male population is much higher than that of women. However, based on the growth rate, the female population experienced a population increase of 0.82% compared to last year while the male population was only male 0.71%.

This Indonesian population data can be used as a database for development planning, and budget allocation. In addition, it can also be for democratic development, law enforcement, and crime prevention.

Factors Affecting Indonesia Population

World Meter Statistic on Indonesia’s Population

According to Worldometer’s elaboration of the most recent United Nations data, the current population of Indonesia is 279,684,297 as of Sunday, August 21, 2022. According to UN data, Indonesia’s population in 2020 is predicted to be 273,523,615 people by the midpoint of the year.

Through this information, it can conclude that the Indonesian population is equal to 3.51% of the total world population. Furthermore, Indonesia is ranked fourth in terms of population among nations and dependencies. This is because Indonesia has a population density of 151 persons per square kilometer (391 people per mi2). In which the entire land area of this country is about 1,811,570 square kilometers (699,451 sq. miles)

Not only that, but urbanization accounts for the country’s 56.4% of the population. Whereas in Indonesia, the median age is 29.7 years. Therefore, it can say that the country’s population mostly consists of productive age communities.

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Factors Affecting Indonesia’s Population

If you look further, several factors affect Indonesia’s population. Perhaps this is not information that many people understand, including in Indonesia itself. However, it is necessary to understand that this country has a fairly high and dense population due to the following things.

Views of the Indonesian People

The illogical view of society causes the Indonesia’s population to increase, the causes of which are the following:

  • Young age marriage.
  • The view of “many children have a lot of sustenance”.
  • The child becomes a hope for parents as the breadwinner.
  • Children are determinants of social status.
  • Children are successors of offspring, especially sons.
  • The family planning program did not go as planned.

Apart from the birth factor, there is another factor that causes very rapid population growth, namely the small number of deaths rather than the number of births.

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Higher Birth Rate

More births than the number of deaths in Indonesia. This is a result of:

  • Increasing population awareness of the importance of health.
  • Adequate health facilities.
  • The increased state of nutrition of the population.
  • A large number of medical personnel such as doctors, and midwives.

This factor reduces the number of deaths, as a result of which the population is getting smaller. So health factors are very influential in population growth.

Government Efforts to Control Indonesia’s Population

One of the most effective ways as a solution to overcome overcrowding in the Indonesia’s population is to launch a family planning or family planning program. Family Planning is a government program for the people of Indonesia to limit the number of children, wherein one family is enough to have only 2 children.

In the birth control program, housewives are given special ways not to get pregnant. These methods are carried out, for example by taking certain drugs, using contraceptives, injections or needles, and so on. This Family Planning Program has succeeded in suppressing the rate of population growth so that the population in Indonesia does not explode too much.

The socialization of the Family Planning program has been carried out optimally and can be obtained up to the low-level medical facilities. The Family Planning Program has been carried out by some Indonesians. However, there are still some Indonesian citizens who do not want to implement family planning.

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Closing and Conclusions

By looking at the information about Indonesia’s population above, it is quite clear that it turns out that this country does have a fairly high population. The number of inhabitants in the country is quite large in the world. So it can be said that this country is quite densely populated.

In addition, it can also be known that Indonesia’s population is dominated by many young people. On the one hand, this is a positive thing. The productive age is the most suitable age to help support nation-building. Moreover, Indonesia is currently a country that is heading towards major developments. So that the role of youth in this matter is certainly very much needed.