Fun Facts About Singapore

The one country in the world that will never stop surprising its guests and the rest of the globe in Singapore. Southeast Asia is home to both the city-state of Singapore as well as the nation-state that bears its name, the Republic of Singapore. It is a potpourri of historical and cultural influences, as well as a smorgasbord of delectable culinary treats. For a more interesting story behind the country, find here a list of fun facts about Singapore.

    • Singapore is an Archipelago. Singapore is not a single island but rather an archipelago consisting of 63 individual islands. The remaining islands in the offshore archipelago are for the most part devoid of human habitation and serve a variety of functions, including those of military and industrial nature.
    • Malay is The National Language. Although English is used in the workplace and schools in Singapore, Malay is recognized as the official language of the country. This is a homage to the indigenous culture that existed in Singapore before the advent of the British in 1819. Today, just a small portion of the population speaks Malay and the majority of those who do so come from the 13% of the population that is of Malay heritage.
  • The Fun Facts About Singapore
    • There is a Maximum Allowable Height for Tall Buildings. The majority of buildings in Singapore are required to keep to a height limit of 280 meters, especially if they are located close to areas with busy air traffic. This is because Singapore has a limited amount of land, which has led to the construction of a sea of skyscrapers and tall apartment blocks.
    • Tanjong Pagar Centre, a mixed-use building that was finished in 2016 has a height of 290 meters and 64 floors. It was given special permission to be built after One Raffles Place, OUB Centre, UOB Plaza, and Republic Plaza. Which had all held the title of tallest building at one time or another.

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    • Recycled Water is Used in The Faucets. The Public Utilities Board of Singapore has found a means to recycle wastewater or sewage in the country of Singapore. NEWater is produced by treating wastewater through microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection. After that, it is mixed with raw water from the reservoirs and put through the typical water treatment process to produce the tap water. NEWater is completely safe for human consumption and has been proven to be even cleaner.
    • The World’s First Night Zoo is Located Here. In Night Safari, visitors on a tram glimpse a Malayan Tapir. Singapore’s Night Safari offers a unique nocturnal experience in the city, as well as being the world’s first night zoo. The 35-hectare park, which opened in 1994, has approximately 1,000 creatures from 120 different species living in authentic nighttime surroundings.
    • The Greenest Cities on The Planet This skyscraper-filled city is also surrounded by verdant nature. The Green area covers about half of Singapore’s land. There are pockets of unexplored plant life housed in the most unexpected of locales, in addition to several parks and gardens. The hotel-in-a-garden idea at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, for example, is noted for its four-story cascading vertical garden. The garden is rich in biodiversity, with over 2,100 native vascular plant species.

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  • Since 1905, Singapore has gone through six different time zone transitions. At this time, the time zone is GMT+8, however technically speaking, this is still inaccurate. This change was made so that it would be in line with Malaysia. It is recommended that Singapore use the GMT +7.5 time zone.
  • In Singapore, gum chewing is strictly prohibited. Chewing gum is only permitted for people with a valid prescription.
  • A prince from Palembang named Sang Nila Utama visited the island and saw what he believed to be a lion there. As a result, he gave the island the name Singapura, which in Sanskrit means ‘lion city.’ On the other hand, Singapore did not have any lions throughout that period. Lions have only been kept in zoos since the advent of modern times.
  • In addition to the four official languages—English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil—that are spoken in Singapore, the people who live there also speak a fifth language known as Singlish, which is a form of the local vernacular English. On the other hand, rather than being a broken language, it is an extremely difficult creole that is difficult for non-native speakers to take up readily.
  • Indeed, Singapore has a really strong obsession with its bathrooms. The government submitted a resolution to the United Nations to designate November 19 as World Toilet Day, which led to the establishment of the World Toilet Organization in the year 2001.
  • On the 7th of November, which is officially recognized as National Tree Planting Day in Singapore, people from all walks of life, including diplomats, as well as the general public, plant trees. Some people even give trees away as presents for their birthdays or weddings.
  • The whole economy of Singapore is predicated on shipping, and the country relies on outside sources for everything from sand to freshwater. In the same vein, the state also does a significant number of exports.

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In Singapore, throwing trash on the ground is considered a serious crime. You will be required to pay a fine of SGD 300 if it is discovered that you have littered with minor items