Expat Living in Singapore

Every year Singapore notes some number of expatriates moving to this country. That is why guidance for an expat living in Singapore is one of the necessary information to provide. With this information, expatriates will be able to prepare accordingly. Starting from choosing a living place, until defining the cost for their living there. For more detailed information related to this matter, the following paragraphs will help to explain.

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The Place to Stay in Singapore

When an expat decides to move to Singapore, the first thing that needs to consider is the place to stay. Since Singapore has many options for living place according to each expat preference and of course, the budget. Therefore, it is important to check which area is suitable for expatriates to live in.

Singapore has several areas to select. Starting from Orchard, Bugis, Chinatown, and many more. Each place will have some advantages and disadvantages, so it will be necessary to find out which place is the most proper to choose from. Such as if you have enough budget for nice living, then an apartment around Orchard can give you a pleasant place to stay. Since it has many facilities for expatriates, either single or with their family.

Another option is in case you have a limited budget, then you can try to select any apartment around Bugis or Chinatown to stay. Since this is a place with a variety of food and ease of transportation. So that you can reach anywhere in Singapore within minutes. Not to mention that the rent price is more economical than in the city center.

Documentation to Prepare for Expat Living in Singapore

It is also necessary to prepare sufficient documentation for expats living in Singapore. Since moving to this country require formal documentation. Otherwise, Singapore’s immigration will not give a permit to enter the country. Therefore, in case you want to stay for a longer term in Singapore, the following documentation shall be prepared first before arriving in the country.

Passport has to be prepared accordingly and make sure that the applicable date is still valid. At least, the valid date is a minimum of 6 months before the expired date. Therefore, you need to make a new passport if the expired date of your passport is within less than 6 months.

You will also need to prepare a VISA that will help to describe your reason for moving into Singapore. Whether for a new job or education, Singapore’s government must get sufficient information on why many expatriates come to the country. Furthermore, it is the best mechanism to register the name and purpose of each expatriate living in this country.

Overview of Singapore’s Transportation

One of the common questions that arise from an expat living in Singapore is the transportation option. Fortunately, Singapore is not a too wide country so anyone can visit the entire country within a day with comfortable transportation. As many expats know that Singapore has nice public transport that interconnects each other so transportation is not a big issue in this country. Since this country has a nice transportation network through MRT. So that if you want to visit any place in the country at a reasonable price, you can select to use MRT as your primary transportation.

You will also be able to use a taxi whenever you want to visit certain places in Singapore. However, a taxi will be more expensive compared to public transport. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, this may not be your first option to try. A different way if you live more than enough in Singapore. You can use a taxi anywhere you go and anytime. Furthermore, if you plan to live in the country for a long term or several years, buying a car might be a good solution to select.

Essential Tips for Expat Living in Singapore

For an expat living in Singapore, there are several essential tips to follow. So that living in this country will feel comfortable and experience no issue. Especially for those who move to this country for the first time, it is necessary to consider the following recommendation.

Make sure to get sufficient income to cover your living in Singapore. The main important aspects to consider is living place, accommodation, and food. Therefore, your salary must cover all of these needs. Otherwise, it will not be worth it enough to move to this country.

You have to prepare all the documentation accordingly before arriving in the country. Otherwise, it can lead to further problems when entering immigration. Therefore, always bring legal documentation to help you through the immigration check.

Get some reviews from your expat friends who have lived in this country before you. So that you can get an overview of many things related to your living in this country.

Through the information above, it can help to give an overview related to any matters to prepare for expat living in Singapore. So that they can manage to choose a suitable place to stay, prepare sufficient cost for living, and many more. Having good information about Singapore, helps them prepare accordingly and find no further trouble whenever they perform, they’re moving to Singapore.

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