How to Entering Singapore from Indonesia (Completely Guideline)

There are several ways to entering Singapore from Indonesia. Many Indonesian tourists prefer a method according to their financial capability to perform the method. Therefore, it is very important for those who want to go to Singapore for the first time to know how to do this.

Unfortunately, some information does not mention this in detail. This creates confusion for most tourists who want to come from Indonesia to Singapore.

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To help provide information on this subject, the article below will show you these ways. To be clear about the steps of entering Singapore from Indonesia, see the explanation in the following paragraphs.

How to Entering Singapore from Indonesia (Completely Guideline)

General Ways to Entering Singapore from Indonesia

Singapore is one of the tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Its strategic location makes many tourists want to visit it. Not to mention in Singapore there are many interesting things related to tourism including tempting shopping centers. It’s no wonder that every year many tourists come to visit. This includes tourists from Indonesia.

As a neighboring country that is directly adjacent to Indonesia, getting to Singapore is not difficult. In general, there are two alternatives if you want to visit Singapore. The first is to use direct flight. Then the second by using a ferry or crossing. More details are in the information given below.

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Entering Singapore from Indonesia Through Direct Flight

One of the popular choices to get to Singapore from Indonesia is by using a direct flight. Entering Singapore from Indonesia via direct flight takes quite a short time and is easy to do. So many like this alternative if they want to take a short vacation to Singapore.

Many Indonesian tourists visit Singapore by flight every year. So it’s not surprising that flights to Singapore are quite popular and loved by Indonesian tourists. Of course, several airports in Indonesia serve direct flights to Singapore. Among them are the airports recorded below.

Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta

The most preferred flight option to Singapore is from Jakarta. There are many flights to Singapore every day through a wide variety of airlines. So Soekarno Hatta International Airport is one of the flight options that is quite crowded to be able to go to Singapore.

Juanda International Airport, Surabaya

Another alternative is to have a direct flight from Surabaya to Singapore. It takes around two hours to perform this flight. To be able to perform the flight, the tourist can get it from Juanda International Airpot directly to Changi International Airport

Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar

Many tourists from Indonesia choose to head to Singapore from Bali. This is done via a direct flight from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Changi International Airport. Not only Indonesian tourists, but this is the fastest way Australian tourists choose as well.

Sepinggan International Airport, Balikpapan

For those around East Kalimantan, there is also an alternative option for direct flights from Balikpapan to Singapore. Although this flight does not have many schedules, it is also an option. From Sepinggan International Airport, many Indonesian and foreign tourists travel by air to Changi International Airport.

Entering Singapore from Indonesia Through Ferry

Another step that is considered quite economical and popular is entering Singapore from Indonesia via ferry. Choosing to head to Singapore by crossing a boat will provide a different experience. It also takes quite a while, only about 30 minutes. So it can be an interesting travel alternative for the adventurous. Here is more information about the sea crossing from Indonesia to Singapore.

Ferry from Batam

This alternative is generally chosen by tourists located around the Batam area. Because Batam is an island that is quite close to Singapore.

Currently, there are many spreading ships from Batam that serve travel from Batam to Singapore at affordable prices. So if you want to try a fairly fast and economical way, then this is an interesting alternative option.

The crossing route from Batam to Singapore can be through Batam Centre to HarbourFront Centre and Tanah Merah. Furthermore, it can also go through Sekupang to Harbour Front Centre and Waterfront to Harbour Front Centre. Another option is via Harbour Bay to Harbour Front Centre and Tanah Merah, then from Nongsapura to Tanah Merah.

Ferry from Bintan

In addition to Batam, entering Singapore from Indonesia can also be done from Bintan. Several crossing boats are serving the trip. So if you want to vacation around Bintan and to Singapore at the same time, then this is a possible thing. The fees to be paid from Bintan to Singapore are also quite economical. The close mileage also makes this trip not take a long time.

To be able to get to Singapore from Bintan there are three alternative options. The first is through Bandar Bentan Telani to Tanah Merah, then through Tanjung Pinang to Tanah Merah, and finally via Bintan Lagoon Resort to Tanah Merah. It is best to pay attention to the appropriate schedule to get the best cruise time.

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Those are the details related to some ways to enter Singapore from Indonesia. By knowing this information, of course, it will be easier to choose which is the right path if you want to visit Singapore for Indonesian citizens. Two important options can be considered according to their respective circumstances. Therefore, make sure to choose the most appropriate and easiest way according to each tourist from Indonesia.