How To Send Money From Paypal To Bank Account

Many transactions today depend on PayPal. As one of the payment methods with less and even no charge, PayPal is preferred by many companies and businesses in the world. With a PayPal account, you can send money and also receive money. That is why one of the common questions is how to send money from PayPal to Bank Account. Since many people know how to transfer money to their PayPal balance, but difficult to understand how to withdraw or to send money to their bank account.

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PayPal account is an easier approach to perform money transfers either from or to a personal bank account. Therefore, anyone who needs to withdraw the money or send money to their bank account shall not be worried about it. The main problem is that most people feel difficult to understand the correct step of this activity. To help give a nice overview of it, the following paragraphs will give a clear description of the steps.

How To Send Money From Paypal To Bank Account

Log in to PayPal Account

The first thing to do whenever someone plans to send money from a PayPal account to a bank account is to log in to their PayPal account. You will not able to send any money from PayPal if you don’t have an account in PayPal. Therefore, this activity is a thing that is only able to perform by the owner of PayPal’s account.

Usually, to sign up for a PayPal account, you need to give an email address and a password. You need to remember these two data so that in the future when you need to withdraw money, you can sign in to your PayPal first. Simply insert the email address and the password, then you will directly lead to the PayPal page.

Getting Information Related to PayPal Balance

Whenever you successfully enter the PayPal page, you can easily read your PayPal balance. To manage to send money from PayPal to a bank account means that you need to have a sufficient PayPal balance first. Otherwise, it is not possible to withdraw any money from your bank account.

Furthermore, there is some minimum amount of withdrawal money from the PayPal account. So that you have to make sure that your balance is sufficient to perform this transaction. Usually, you need a minimum of 1 dollar to withdraw the money. Therefore, any balance more than this number will sufficient to withdraw.

Send Money from PayPal to Bank Account

If you are ready to make a money transfer to your bank account, then the next thing is to perform the entire steps until this transaction is successful. First, go to your PayPal page and check the words under your balance. You will find a word of withdrawal. What you need to do is to click on this word and then wait until the pop-up is showing.

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Once the pop us is showing, you will have requested to insert the amount of money to be transferred to your bank account. Fill this column with a sufficient amount of money as your need. Then you will also require to input your bank account number to process the money transfer. Make sure to check all your input properly so that you wouldn’t perform any mistakes. Otherwise, your balance can be transferred to the wrong bank account or your money transfer will not be able to process.

It is important to note, similar to the money transfer process from a bank account to a PayPal account, the money transfer from a PayPal account to your bank account also takes several working days to proceed. Since either PayPal or the bank will manage a verification before managing a successful transaction. Therefore, you need to wait until three or five days and then re-check whether your balance from PayPal has been sent and also check your bank account whether the money is received.

Reasons of Send Money from PayPal to Bank Account

Of course, there are several important reasons why people manage to send money from PayPal to a bank account. Either for a business or to receive payment. As mentioned earlier that PayPal is the easiest way to manage a money transfer and payment to other people. So a PayPal account is a common way to perform transactions including receiving payment from other people.

This leads to certain needs to withdraw money from the account. Another reason is that you don’t need your PayPal balance anymore so that you need to bring it back to your account. Any of those reasons lead people to perform withdraw from PayPal and manage money transfers to their bank account.

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Those are all some information related to how to send money from PayPal to a bank account. It is never a difficult thing to perform money transfer or money withdrawal activity from a PayPal account to another bank account. Therefore, no wonder if this approach is still the best approach to make a free payment around the globe. With a PayPal account, everyone in the world can be connected to easier payment each other. So that all-important business and transaction can be performed easily without a further barrier in terms of country and place of living.