Jewish Synagogue Singapore

There are two main Jewish Synagogue Singapore that has a long history in this country. Even though Jewish is a minority population, the country provides them the synagogue for their praying and communities. Not many peoples are aware of this, mainly those who live outside the country. To give a better overview and information about this, the following paragraphs will explain more.

Jewish Synagogue Singapore Maghain Aboth

Maghain Aboth Synagogue can be found on Waterloo Street, which is part of the Rochor Planning Area. It is inside the Central Area and in the heart of Singapore’s financial center. The construction of the synagogue was completed in 1878. It is the synagogue with the longest continuous Jewish history in Southeast Asia. Even to this day, the neighborhood around it is home to several Jewish structures that are still intact.

The History

The history of this Jewish Synagogue Singapore starts in the year 1841. A land lease was offered to three Jewish men, Joseph Dwek Cohen, Nassim Joseph Ezra, and Ezra Ezekiel so that they might construct a synagogue. The region was the first portion of Singapore to be populated. It is still home to a significant number of the city-religious state’s monuments and preservation buildings today.

Synagogue Street was located in the first Jewish neighborhood in Singapore, immediately off South Canal Road. According to Jewish tradition, a synagogue is expected to be within a reasonable distance of its congregants’ homes and should be accessible on foot.

After returning to Singapore in 1873, Manasseh Meyer saw that the synagogue was in a dreadful state. As a result, he began making plans to construct a new synagogue for the Jewish community. Meyer submitted a request to the government for property to build a new synagogue. He was given the location at Waterloo Street. Then immediately, members of the Jewish community started relocating to the neighborhoods surrounding Dhoby Ghaut, including Waterloo Street, Prinsep Street, Selegie Road, and Wilkie Road.

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The Architecture

In Judaism, the synagogue is considered to be distinct from the Temple. Which is a significant holy building that was built by King Solomon to serve all of the people of Israel. The Temple as a physical entity ceased to exist after the destruction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem in the year AD 70.

Any structure can function as a synagogue as long as there are at least ten Jewish men older than thirteen in the congregation who constitute a quorum. In Hebrew, a quorum of this size is referred to as a minyan. In the past, Manasseh Meyer would offer financial compensation to venerable and devoutly pious elderly men to create the minyan with their company.

The Jewish Synagogue Singapore

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Jewish Synagogue Singapore Chesed El Synagogue

Another Jewish synagogue Singapore is Chesed-El Synagogue. It can be found in Oxley Rise, which is part of the River Valley Planning Area. 1905 was the year that construction began in the synagogue. This second place of worship, was necessary since the Jewish population had grown to the point where the capacity of the Maghain Aboth Synagogue was no longer sufficient. In addition to that, it was one of the first places in Singapore to make use of gaslights.

The History

The Maghain Aboth Synagogue, which had its doors opened to the public in the year 1878, regularly became quite busy. It is a result of the ongoing expansion of the Jewish community in Singapore. By the year 1902, several people had begun to feel the necessity for an additional synagogue.

There was yet another justification for the requirement of yet another synagogue. At this point, Jews not only from Asia but also from Europe were a part of the Jewish community in Singapore. As a result of members of the community coming from a variety of different backgrounds, there were debates regarding the order of the service and certain rites. The man who founded the Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Manasseh Meyer, was quite sensitive to this conflict. It was ultimately what motivated him to create his synagogue close to where he lived in Oxley Rise.

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The Construction

The synagogue was finished in 1905 and was given the name Chesed-El, which translates as “Bounty of God.” Attendance was strong on the holy days, although it was lower than usual on the other days. Because the Jewish community is so much smaller than it used to be, both Chesed-El and Maghain Aboth now coordinate their services. When there is a service at the Chesed-El Synagogue, Maghain Aboth will not have one. The worship service only happens once a week, on average. Nevertheless, celebrations of the holiday might take place on either.

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Those all some information about Jewish Synagogue Singapore which is one of the important parts of the Jewish community in this country. It will be nice to have some explanation about it further. So that anyone visiting the country does not feel surprised whenever find the synagogue around. Furthermore, it is one of the interesting things in the country that build a better religious mix in the country. Making Singapore one of the countries with many diversities and culture.