List of Private Banks in Singapore

The list of private banks in Singapore so far may be sought after mainly by citizens. Both for Singapore natives and foreigners living in Singapore country. The presence of private banks in this country is certainly much sought after considering that the function of bank institutions is so important. Including private banking institutions that are targeted by many citizens in Singapore. If you are currently looking for a private bank, then no more hassle. Because you can find a variety of private banks in Singapore such as the following.

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Bank of Singapore

One of the list of private banks in Singapore is the Bank of Singapore. This private bank is a branch of OCBC banking institution. Previously this Singapore-based bank was known by other names. The previous name of this bank was ING Asia Private Bank. Now, this bank institution has experienced good development. Until all its services can now be enjoyed and felt by all citizens.

Singapore Island Bank Limited

In addition to the above list of private banks in Singapore, there are also other private banking institutions. For example, Singapore Island Bank Limited is a name change from the Bank of Singapore. If previously the name of this bank was ING Asia Private Bank, then changed to Bank of Singapore. Then the name changed again to Singapore Island Bank Limited which was then clearly separated by its presence. This bank is still a subsidiary of OCBC. It’s just that now residents are no longer confused by the function of this private bank.

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DBS Bank Limited

DBS is also one of the leading private banks established and growing in Singapore. This private bank was formerly known by the other name. The name in question is Development Bank of Singapore Limited. But the name DBS Bank Limited later appeared and later became known as a regional bank. So initially this list of private banks in Singapore was established by the Government of Singapore.

the List of Private Banks in Singapore

Far Eastern Bank Limited

The presence of private banks in Singapore is getting more crowded with the presence of other banks. For example, the private bank Far Eastern Bank Limited is also widely looked at and in demand by Singaporeans. Even all the features and facilities of this one bank institution are getting more and more and more developed. A series of products from this banking institution has now enlivened banking activities. Call it starting from savings to loans and many other programs. Various bank programs appear in the mid for Singaporeans who want to enjoy bank facilities.

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Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited

Those of you who are currently looking for a list of private banks in Singapore can also choose others. Like Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited which is also more commonly called OCBC. It seems that this one bank has become a well-known financial institution in Singapore. Even his name is not only known by the natives of Singapore. But the name OCBC has been known also by foreigners. Now, this Singapore-based private banking institution is entered as the best bank. Anyone should not hesitate with all the services provided by this one private bank.

United Overseas Bank Limited

There is also another private banking institution in Singapore, namely United Overseas Bank Limited. A bank was established by a Chinese businessman. The presence of this bank is very helpful for Singaporeans who want to enjoy bank facilities. Especially facilities developed by private banks. The service of this bank is no longer in question because the quality can be called guaranteed. For those of you who are currently in Singapore, of course, you can find this one private bank. All facilities and services can also be obtained. Other benefits can also be obtained in this bank institution.

The Islamic Bank of Asia

Not to forget also another list of private banks in Singapore namely The Islamic Bank of Asia. This bank is a bank institution from DBS Singapore. This private banking institution is often referred to as IB Asia. Regarding the products and programs, of course, it has also been widely known by residents. This Asian IB operates separately from DBS Bank. This Asian IB tends to focus more on commercial matters.

Overseas Union Bank Limited

The last private banking or financial services institution discussed today is Overseas Union Bank Limited. Maybe so far people call it more by the term UOB Bank. After all, this Singapore-based private bank has been known by many people. The quality of banking is not in doubt until its customers are getting more and more and more. The banking services he developed can also be said to have succeeded in attracting public interest. Not a few people believe in UOB Bank so that it becomes its customer.

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The list of private banks in Singapore above can certainly be a reference for you all. Finding a private bank is now not difficult anymore because you can find it as above. All the services and facilities of the bank can also be done. Of course, the presence of various private banks is very profitable.