Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore

This Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore is a new star-studded restaurant and the first young chef to be awarded on its 5th anniversary, the 2021 edition of Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore has now presented a new 3-star restaurant, a new 2-star restaurant, and 12 new 1-star restaurants. And for the first time in Singapore, the Michelin guide young chef award was held.

In celebration of its 5th anniversary this year, Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore is proud to present a selection of Michelin-starred restaurants for 2021, as well as gourmand bibs and Michelin plates. Gwendal Poullennec the international director of Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore said that despite the challenges, he was impressed to see how the chefs and their teams were able to reinvent themselves and adapt to the current situation. In addition to managing restaurants, they also come together to find people in need in their communities.

You and all foodies will be happy to continue their exploration of Singapore’s vibrant and colorful food scene while rediscovering what has happened in recent years. Last year onwards. Currently, Singapore now has a total of three 3-star restaurants, including Les Amis and Odette.

New 3-Star Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore

The restaurant launched in 2019 with two Michelin stars, and Zén was promoted to three Michelin stars, the highest award in the Michelin guide. As the sister restaurant of the 3-star Frantzén in Stockholm, visitors at this Singaporean restaurant will usually be served dishes made with the best ingredients from Europe and Japan. It is supported by French cuisine, each with a unique character and making your experience even more extraordinary.

This restaurant has received a lot of praise for showing the essence of delicious dining and practical use. Two outstanding British productions from Jaan’s Kirk Westaway also received a second Michelin for reinterpreting the modernization of British cuisine through an innovative culinary lens.

The Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore Inspector recognizes the restaurant as a place that serves a variety of delicious dishes and good use of English products to create a romantic restaurant that is not only in terms of food but also the service, scenery, and atmosphere is amazing.

Jaan By Kirk Westaway has joined four other two-Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore, namely Saint Pierre, Shisen Hanten, Shoukouwa, and Waku Ghin.

The Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore

12 New Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore

As of this year, it has featured 12 new restaurants in the one-Michelin-star category. Among them, the restaurants launched are 3 Michelin stars for the new opening, while 5 restaurants are promoted from the Michelin plate.

The restaurant debuted this year with the Michelin Art star, housed in a national gallery, offering sensational views and culinary journeys steeped in Italian traditions and renewed with creativity, ingenuity, and culinary combinations with creative artworks.

Cloudstreet combines Srilanka heritage and the culinary experiences of an already skilled chef to showcase the fusion of flavors in creative dishes served in an omakase-style. In Oshino, the Yamagata Prefecture chef’s sushi rice is seasoned with vinegar and pressed by hand into Nigiri with a more modern touch. Sommer offers a more complex menu that embodies sophistication, ingenuity, and harmony. Fast and timely service is another strong point that adds to the dining experience. Basque kitchens by Aitor, Whitegrass, and Leroy all received Michelin stars for the new opening.

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3 Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore for New Openings

Basque Kitchen by Aitor has reopened at Fullerton Waterboat House in April 2021, which combines the influence of serving delicious dishes on the omakase menu that pays homage to the taste and production of classic basques. Chez Leroy as chef moved from Stanley Street to Amoy Street in the fence in November 2020. The team of chefs there has adapted the food not very formally for French cuisine and perfected it in an Alsatian style to pay homage.

In addition, Whitegrass closed in December 2018 and relaunched with a new concept even a new chef in May 2019. This place serves fresh seasonal Japanese ingredients that are transformed into classic French classics in a contemporary Japanese style.

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Re-election of The Restaurants for Michelin Star

The re-election of these restaurants by Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore inspectors is a testament to their ongoing efforts to provide the highest taste and culinary quality. There is a food with a four-season concept there, namely food with intricate toppings and matching flower arrangements. The food is seasoned with medium seasonings to bring a natural taste, pleasing to the eye and appetizing. The main dishes in Shang Palace are a variety of classic dishes, but they are updated so creatively, as well as not limited to regional Chinese influences.

In Thevar, the menus are rooted in Indian traditions and are made with European techniques. Food that offers a delicate balance and a thoughtful touch. Known as the city’s first Caviar Bar, 28 Wilkie offers five types of black gold derived from their farms. In addition, the chef also serves modern Italian cuisine and some dishes inspired by the chef’s family recipes.

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The above Michelin Star Restaurants Singapore is worth trying. With the Michelin Star given to the restaurant, then the quality and its taste should be guaranteed. Therefore, never feel doubt to taste the food in those restaurants.