Nexus International School

Nexus international school is one of the favorite schools in Malaysia. It seems that this school is a dream, especially for students in Malaysia. This well-known school has even become a target for many students who are also Malaysians. Not only indigenous Singaporeans, but this school is also attractive to foreign students. That is why there are also citizens from other countries in this school.

As an international school Nexus school is known to have the best quality. Students from foreign countries also seem to be racing to go to school here. So it’s not just local Malaysians interested in going to school here. But there are also many students from other countries interested in studying at this school. Then, of course, this school is getting more and more famous even in the world.

Nexus International School Location

Those in Malaysia do not need to be confused about finding the best educational institution or campus. In this country, those of you who are locals and foreigners can study at the Nexus International School. This well-known educational institution can be found easily located. You can find the location of this campus precisely on Jalan Diplomatic, Putrajaya.

This location is included in the Malaysian Putrajaya Guild Territory. Of course, the location of this campus can be searched easily. You can also access this campus location quickly. Because you can get easy access to reach the Nexus. Reaching the Nexus can be done from any direction. And what’s more, many types of transportation can be used to reach this campus.

The Nexus International School

Main Curriculum of Nexus International School

The curriculum developed in Nexus no longer needs to be doubted about its quality. On this campus, you can even get the best curriculum in the country. You can also get thematic learning that is authentic. Until the curriculum developed and applied in this educational institution can prepare you to face the future.

Here later you will not only be able to develop skills in the academic field. But more than that, the quality of your characteristics will also be well developed. Even your thinking will later become international. Until you are always ready to be the best person. With the best international curriculum, you can certainly be better prepared to face the challenges of the world. Of course, facing all challenges will be done with an open mind and a positive deed or attitude.

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Activities Outside the Classroom of Nexus International School

As we all know the Nexus International School provides the best curriculum for all learners. It is not only the curriculum in the field of intra-education that can be a provision for you. But activities outside the classroom are also growing on Nexus. Of course, the enthusiasm outside the classroom developed in this school is very beneficial.

All activities outside the classroom can even be the best type of activity for students. With activities outside the classroom, you can increase interaction and communication with other parties. In addition, you can also develop some of the best types of characters. Starting from the character of cooperation to other characters.

All the best characters you can get through the outside-of-class activities organized by Nexus International School. This character development will be useful to you when you get to work. You will face a lot of people so you have to behave well. Of course, all of these good characters are also developed in the out-of-class activities organized by Nexus.

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Nexus International School Facilities and Services

The development of curriculum and activities outside the classroom on Nexus is developed with the best facilities and services. The facilities and services from Nexus International School are satisfying. Those of you who are students in this campus institution can use all facilities well.

In addition, all services can be utilized as much as possible for your benefit. Here there is indeed a student service that can be utilized as much as possible. This service is comprehensive for students. In addition, the services provided by Nexus can make parents more comfortable. All the services that you can get are also accompanied by good cooperation with professionals.

Nexus International School Scholarships

Nexus international schools are not only developing their services in academics or education. But the school is also developing its services for all students who want to go to school here. One of the services he developed was the existence of a scholarship program. This scholarship program is of course very well welcomed by the students. Not only that but the existence of this scholarship program was also welcomed with high enthusiasm. This scholarship seems to be a way for students who want to study at Nexus.

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The scholarship program available at this Nexus International School is the IB Diploma scholarship. This scholarship awarded a tuition fee discount of 30%. Those of you who want to take education at a higher level, have the opportunity to study here. You can get a scholarship, but you have to register first. Now you can register easily. Because the scholarship registration service is available online. Don’t forget to prepare all the conditions given to you to get this scholarship.