Orchard Singapore

Orchard Singapore seems to be a very famous area in the Lion Country. Just imagine that almost all tourists who come to this country visit Orchard. There is a lot of excitement that can get in this area. So it’s no wonder that everyone who visits Singapore always takes the time to go to Orchard. There are many things you can do in this area besides shopping.

Of course, being in this area will add a new experience that is very exciting for you. Even the days in Singapore will feel so pleased when you visit Orchard Singapore. When visiting Orchard Road, you certainly do not forget to look for interesting tourist destinations. Here are some recommended places for you while in Orchard Singapore.

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Orchard Singapore Central Rooftop

Relaxing on the rooftop is certainly something that can calm you all. It seems that you can do this in the Orchard Singapore Road area precisely at Orchard Central Rooftop. From here you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Singapore above. In addition, there is also a minimalist waterfall that is full of flower gardens and full of colors.

The Orchard Singapore

ION Orchard

There is also another place in the Orchard Singapore area that you can also visit, namely ION Orchard. Here you can also see the beautiful scenery of Singapore from a height. Precisely from the 56th floor of ION Sky Orchard which will be an interesting place for anyone. Even the beauty of this Singapore scenery can be seen from all kinds of directions or directions. Of course, this will be very interesting for foreign tourists.

National Library

Furthermore, there is also the National Library which is highly recommended for book lovers. So anyone who likes to read books and literacy can visit here. The collection of books and literature in this library can be said to be very complete. Plus, the interior design of the library is very interesting. Not infrequently the visitors take selfies in this nice library room.

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Emerald Hill Road

Those of you who are interested in knowing more about the remnants of history in Orchard Singapore can visit Emerald Hill Road. In this area, there are many buildings full of windows and full of colors. Of course, these various buildings look interesting and memorable for anyone who visits them. This one area certainly gives a different color from Orchard which is usually full of view and fanfare.

Trampoline Park

Looking for a playground in the Orchard area can also be found easily. In this area, you can find Trampoline Park. From the name alone, it can be guessed that in this area you can jump ria. Precisely jump on the trampoline with anyone you invite to enjoy the excitement. In this area of Orchard Singapore, there are also some challenging and exciting game areas.

National Museum of Singapore

Still struggling with history apparently in Orchard Singapore, there is also a place that holds historical evidence. One of the most visited places in this regard is the National Museum of Singapore. In this place, you can explore the diverse history and culture of Singapore. Many things are shown or exhibited in this museum. Then you can see it conventionally and through an interesting digital display.

Opera Gallery Orchard Singapore

If you want to see a charming artwork, then you can immediately visit the Opera Gallery Orchard. Here are stored artworks from several famous figures. Such as Picasso and miro or Murakami. You can see his work directly at the Opera Gallery. Of course, all the works exhibited here have their beauty to look alluring.

Botanic Gardens

It seems that Orchard Singapore is full of skyscrapers that are overwhelmed by a modern atmosphere. If you feel tired enough with all this, then you can try taking a short break in the Botanic Gardens. This place is full of natural nuances that can be the best resting place. Shades of green nature you can enjoy here while avoiding various hubbubs. You can also invite children to learn about the flora directly in this park.

The Palace

In the Orchard Singapore area apparently, there is also The Palace which is the official home of the president of Singapore. Maybe in various countries, there are also presidential official houses. Similarly, the official house in Singapore. You can take a tour of the palace so that your curiosity about the presidential palace can be answered. In addition, you can also learn many things related to the residence and office of the president of Singapore.

Somerset Skate Park

A place that should not be missed in Orchard Singapore is Somerset Skate Park. From the name alone, it can be ascertained that this one place is suitable for skate enthusiasts. You can enjoy various attractions along with other skate lovers. Enjoying a day at this skate park is also not exciting as other activities.

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Orchard Singapore with all its uniqueness and beauty must be a target for tourists. Various interesting places in this area will always be a hunt for many people. The presence of various interesting places in Orchard is certainly adding to the allure of Singapore. The luxury that can be found in this region is so fun and will not be forgotten.