Places to Run in Singapore

Tourists who come to Singapore may not expect that there are some interesting places to run in Singapore. Not only can you take the time to do light exercise such as morning running and jogging, but there are interesting sights obtained. Not to mention the refreshing atmosphere and the surrounding places that are quite comfortable to do activities both in the morning and evening.

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Unfortunately, this kind of information is generally limited for tourists. So those who want to spend time jogging in the morning while in Singapore often have difficulties. Therefore, there is no harm in seeing what is informed in the article below. Here’s some information about places to run in Singapore that are worth trying or considering.

Marina Bay Sights

These places to run in Singapore are largely along the sea showcasing Singapore’s arts, culture, and architecture. Two runs along Marina Bay, mostly on designated routes. The 3.4-mile short run loops Marina Bay. Coleman Bridge is a starting point. Follow the Singapore River east.

The route includes the Fullerton Hotel, Arts House Performing Arts Center, Victoria Theater, Parliament House, Asian Civilization Museum, the futuristic Esplanade – Theaters Along the Bay, The Float, the world’s largest floating stadium and stage, the Helix Bridge, modeled on DNA, the flower-shaped Arts Science Museum, several spectacular waterfront restaurants, and Merlion, the city’s mascot.

The 9.5-mile “long run” includes the route along the Bay, past the Singapore Flyer observation wheel. On the eastern side of the marina are Singapore’s National Stadium, Aquatic Center, Singapore Sports Hub, Singapore Indoor Stadium, and Kallang Theater. The final section of the run runs along with the Marina Bay Golf Course, takes a pedestrian bridge over the Marina Barrage, and borders the Gardens by the Bay.

The Places to Run in Singapore

East Coast Park

The East Coast Park is widely considered to be one of the best places to run in Singapore for both jogging and riding. From the Marina Bay area near downtown, a paved and level trail heads east toward the airport, paralleling the East Coast Parkway the entire way. This path is over six miles long. Along the entire route, there are stunning vistas of the river and thick vegetation. Several stretches of it run along a public beach. This park is not located in a distant area. It may get very crowded.

The route alternative is not overly complicated. A little under 6 miles of the park are covered by the pathway. It is possible to keep going east along the Changi Coast Walk trail for another mile or two. The park is home to a wide variety of different types of recreational pursuits. The majority of the trail is illuminated as night falls. Parkrun is a weekly, free, organized group run of 5 kilometers that takes place in East Coast Park on Saturday mornings.

West Coast Park

These are the places to run in Singapore that everyone wants to do when they visit the west coast of Singapore. A beautiful circle of 5 kilometers that offers spectacular vistas of the surrounding sea. It runs parallel to the West Coast Highway and is situated just to the south of the National University of Singapore.

The park is home to a plethora of amenities, such as picnic areas, restrooms, a playground, and a wildlife marsh, all of which may be reached through boardwalks. The two distinct parts of the park can be reached from one another via a tunnel.

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Waterfront Run Downtown Core to Stadium

These are different places to run in Singapore located on the waterfront. It is not difficult to reach any of the hotels or workplaces located in the Central Business District. Proceed downward until the Helix bridge, then turn left onto the waterfront promenade and head in the direction of Kallang.

The majority of the route offers picturesque vistas of the sea, in addition to winding trails and lush vegetation. The trail comes to an end close to the Merdeka Bridge. On the way back, there are some spectacular views of the cityscape. This is a good route to run on in the evening.

Mount Faber Park

This presents an excellent opportunity to get in some hill training and park running while in Singapore. The length of the roads and walkways within Mount Faber Park itself as the places to run in Singapore is around three kilometers. Mount Faber Road, or any of the routes that run next to it, can be accessed from Henderson Road and taken east via Mt. Faber Park. The next step is to head west, passing through Telok Blangah Hill Park.

This park features a route that is approximately one kilometer long and is elevated above the tree canopy. You can walk the trails that are right inside the park, or you can start near the Alexandra Canal and go along Henderson Road for two kilometers, which has large sidewalks. The ascent into the park is a rather steady incline.

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That’s the information about some places to run in Singapore that are worth trying. Taking the time to travel to Singapore does not mean not taking time to do light exercise. Therefore, do a little light exercise activity such as running or jogging. While getting health, additional beautiful scenery around interesting places in Singapore can also be obtained.