Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo

In Singapore, there is one the well-known forests, namely the lumina forest.  Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo is one of the tourist attractions that you can visit when you play in Singapore, especially for those who like animals.

The Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo was launched in 2018, multimedia night walks have captivated the hearts of Singaporeans with their magical world, where only humans and virtual animals Roam. With more than 10 multi-sensory play areas, you can interact with exotic creatures and be taken to immersive experiences with light and color. But in this place, there are not many things that can be done.

About Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo

With interactive light and sound installations featuring animals such as orangutans, pangolins, and flying foxes, the 1-kilometer-long trail covers almost half of the zoo and includes 11 misty areas. This attraction was first held on July 1, 2018, and lasted until the end of December. However, you don’t need to worry if you are out of town for a long time because there is a zoo that can be enough to spoil your eyes.

Talking about prices is one of the things to know when you want to visit the Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo. The price charged at this zoo is about 22 dollars for adults and 16 dollars for children. Of course, this is not too bad, especially since we have been spoiled by the various beautiful things that are in it so this is already a reasonable thing. In addition, the broadcast and this tourist attraction take place from 7.30 to 22.30.

The Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo

Activity to do at Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo

Some of the activities that you may only be able to do in the Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo are ridden Swensen Earthquake, doing a Mini Bungee Jump, and downloading the Goody Feed app to make your trip to work or school not boring, by utilizing applications such as body fit when you go to Singapore to facilitate your trip.  In addition, you can see various attractions held in the lumina forest, especially at night.

The attractions and scenery in the forest have now been packed with various aesthetic tools that can spoil the eye, which aims to attract visitors so that they can watch the various performances that are in front of their eyes. One of the things that are quite remembered is that in its 5th year, the Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo has launched a new experience called the lumina rainforest attraction, which has offered visitors the opportunity to see the animals in person and clearly.

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Collaboration and Wildlife Conservation

Of course, Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo is not equipped with all the necessary facilities to make such a spectacle (unless you tell me that the zookeeper is certified in operation. Image), because the company is a collaboration between wildlife reserves Singapore and moment factory, a multimedia entertainment studio.

Incidentally, the moment factory is behind a series of lumina night streets that have sprung up in places like the Canadian coast and an island in Japan.

According to Mike Barclay, chief executive officer of the zoo-owning group Mandai Park Holdings, the attraction was intended to “spread the message of animal conservation” wild” and coincided with “efforts to increase the use of technology in and around police stations”. Plus, they also offer the ability to spark an entire wildlife experience every night and attract new crowds. They know that there is a certain segment, especially among the local population. many people come to the zoo with their children and grandchildren, but there is a part that many people can’t go to.

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Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo Recommended Tour for You

According to the Straits Times, preparations for the entire operation from training and other preparatory treatments of Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo took nearly 10 months. Fortunately for the team there to do so, very carefully to ensure that the animals in the park are left with the least distractions. This includes impact studies, simulations, and assurance that light and sound are removed from the back of the house.  In addition, the back of the house has also been isolated and equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor animal disturbances. But this is also a pro-con if later the animal becomes stressed because of it.

If you are already waiting for another show, then you have to provide some money, to see the amazing scenery. The Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo also has a luminous night trail and also provides a lot of discounts for visitors last time, including a 50% discount last year. The number of night activities has dwindled since covid19 hit the country, so many of the people there spent the whole night just lying on the beach.

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Nevertheless, you know that you are hungry for adventure waiting to be satisfied. To rekindle your nocturnal spirit, you can take a multi-sensory night walk of the Rainforest Lumina at Singapore Zoo going back to Singapore where the weather outside the place is very good. Your journey through the enchanting rainforest begins when you enter the luminous dome. Led by a creature crew there, you’ll find beautiful installations such as catwalks filled with glowing fireflies, digital storms, and dazzling light trails.