Main Services from Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland as a financial institution that has many branches certainly has very useful facilities. The bank, which has most of its branches in Scotland as well as England and Wales, is well known to all communities in Scotland and beyond. Even people around the world are not a few who know the existence of this bank.

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Bank of Scotland

Main Services from Royal Bank of Scotland

All kinds of products that become facilities and services of this bank are also increasingly known by the public until today. For those of you who feel curious, here are some kinds of service products from the banks that you can get if incorporated into this bank.

Bank Account

One of the things that you can enjoy as a product or a service of Royal Bank Scotland is to have a bank account. By having a bank account then you are definitely registered as a bank customer who can then manage finances at this bank institution.

Having an account at this bank can allow you to do a lot with regard to your finances. Starting from managing personal accounts as desired. This financial management can also be done directly by you so that you can manage finances according to your needs. In addition, there are many other services that you can also get by utilizing an account at this bank.


You will be able to get many things by using an account at a Royal Bank of Scotland that has many branches in Scotland. Generally, most people use this kind of account to make investments.

Basically, the investment itself consists of several types including the type of savings that are usually done by customers to make money storage. By investing in this bank, you will get a lot of benefits. In addition to saving banks, of course, you can easily manage all your money here. Furthermore, you can expect the best investment in this bank for the future of yourself or even for your child.

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In addition to investments, apparently the account you have in Royal Bank of Scotland can also be used to get loans from the bank. Different types of loans are provided at this bank. Such as personal loans and car loans, as well as loans for home improvement. Loan programs also come in the form of forest consolidation loans, vacation loans, and even wedding loans.

All your needs can even be covered by the loan service offered by the bank to customers. Furthermore, this loan management can also be done quickly and easily. You can also simulate the calculation of loans so that you can estimate the method to be used to repay this loan.

Credit Card Service

Credit card service is also one of the offers from the Royal Bank of Scotland for all customers spread across various countries. Credit cards in the current day are no longer a foreign thing. The use of this credit card in the community has become increasingly widespread. Not even a few people use the function of this credit card to meet all their needs.

Fortunately, now you can choose the credit card product from this bank. In addition, credit card payments can also be determined easily in accordance with the provisions offered by the Royal Bank of Scotland before you decide to use them.


Another product from this bank that also attracts many customers to join utilizing the services of these products is insurance products. Similar to all types of services offered by the Royal Bank of Scotland, insurance products also come with various forms of services. You can make investments, for example, in the form of building insurance or can also be contents insurance.

In addition, you can also join to make investments in the form of life insurance which later can save you, especially in financial terms. These various insurance products come with all kinds of services that come with them. Until you can do the insurance claim process easier and can also do insurance management according to your needs.


The next product that you also need to know from the Royal Bank of Scotland is the existence of gifts or also commonly called rewards from the bank. There are many rewards programs waiting for you so that you can benefit from the financial management you do. Many rewards are offered by the bank for various account accounts.

In addition, prizes are also usually given to customers of credit cardholders. So that you can easily arrange the type of the prize according to your reward points from this credit card.

Royal Bank of Scotland with all kinds of services that provide to all customers can certainly provide its own benefits for all of you. For those of you who currently want to be able to enjoy all the services of this bank, then you should immediately open or register an account at this bank.

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Account registration actually applies not only to local residents but also to all foreigners who really want to enjoy all the facilities of this bank. Of course, all kinds of financial transactions are easier to do with this bank institution.