How To Send Money From Credit Card To Bank Account

There are many questions related to how to send money from credit card to bank account. Since many credit card users sometimes need cash from a credit card to pay various purposes that are not covered by credit card payment. This is an interesting thing due to many credit cards do not allow for this transaction. Therefore, if you want to know further on how to send money from credit card to bank account, you need to consider the following tricks.

How to Send Money from Credit Card to Bank Account Via Cash Advance


The first hack to send money from a credit card to your bank account is by using the cash advance benefit. Many credit cards allow the user to have a benefit called a cash advance. This is a benefit where the credit card user is allowed to withdraw some cash by a certain limit. Therefore, if you need to send money to your bank account, you can withdraw this cash and then put the cash into your bank account via a teller machine.

To deal with this method is easy. You need to find any teller machine which accepts your credit card. You can then insert your credit card and choose to withdraw money. Put the amount of money to withdraw and then wait until your money is given. After this transaction is a success, you can search for any teller machine according to your bank account. Simply put your cash into the machine and send it into your bank account. Within a minute, you will see that the money has been transferred to your bank account.

This is the simplest way of how to send money from a credit card to a bank account. You can directly get the money in less than one hour. Therefore, many credit card users love this option whenever they need money of a sudden. Simply go to the teller machine, and everything can have solved quickly.

How to Send Money from Credit Card to Bank Account Via PayPal

How To Send Money From Credit Card To Bank Account

Another way to get some money from your credit card is through a PayPal account. If you want to use this method then you need to create a PayPal account first. Otherwise, this method will not be able to perform. Simply input email and password to have a new PayPal account. Once you can sign in, then you can go to the balance page.

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On the PayPal balance page, you can put some amount of balance through a credit card. Proceed with this transaction first by defining the amount of money you need. Let the transaction process of top-up balance of your PayPal account from your credit card be successful first. If the balance has been appearing, then you can continue to withdraw and send the money to your bank account.

Even though it is a simple way to get money from your credit card too, remember that this process can take several days to reach your bank account. Therefore, this method will have asked you to wait for three to five working days. If you are in an emergency, this might not a better option to perform

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How to Send Money from Credit Card to Bank Account Via E-Wallet

The next trick of how to send money from a credit card to a bank account is via an e-wallet. Currently, there is various type of e-wallet used by many peoples around the world. This considers a simple way to pay for various needs. Therefore, many credit card user is e-wallet user too.

It is a good thing that you can take advantage of withdrawing money from your credit card through your e-wallet. However, you need to perform transactions to fill in some balance to your e-wallet first. Start with opening your e-wallet and then perform some amount of top-up using your credit card. Put some amount of money according to your needs. Wait until this process is a success. Once your e-wallet balance is topped up, then you can withdraw the money into your bank account.

However, some e-wallet requires more than one day to proceed with this transaction. But some e-wallet can help the process be done in a few hours only. Therefore, if you choose this method, you need to check when the money arrives at your bank account. Furthermore, this method will request some amount of money for the charge. So that you need to carefully check the term and conditions of the e-wallet before deciding to send money from your credit card to your bank account via this method. If you feel okay with the terms and conditions, then you can proceed with this method.

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Those are all some tricks related to how to send money from credit card to bank account. With some of the above tricks, you can easily withdraw money for any need. So that in case you need cash but you don’t have money in your bank account, you can follow the above methods. Select any methods that are suitable to your preference. Easily perform all the steps and within a fastened time, you will receive the money.