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Transfez  is providing a new feature that allows users to send money from Singapore to Indonesia effortlessly and efficiently. Read this article carefully for further information regarding this feature.

According to Statista, in 2020, 4.47 million Indonesian workers are working in Singapore. Based on that data, we could imagine that there are millions of Indonesians that need a remittance service to send their money from Singapore to Indonesia, either for their family or other needs.  

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Sending Money from Singapore to Indonesia 

There are many existing remittance services that can be used to send money from Singapore to Indonesia that has high security standards and are already trusted by the customers as well. You might have already tried to send your money via conventional bank service or maybe wire transfer like Western Union

Unfortunately, both are assumed to be impractical and also more expensive. You will have to leave your home, bring many paperworks, fill out the form, and have to queue. The transfer fee also tends to be expensive, at around 300-490 thousand Rupiah per transaction. Choosing to send your money via the wire transfer agent might be cheaper, but you will be required to visit the agent to send or withdraw your money. Those methods are considered impractical and also took much time. 

Based on those problems, Transfez really wants to solve those problems and give you an opportunity to send your money from Singapore to Indonesia easily, quickly and safely. 

This remittance service is developed especially for Indonesian workers in Singapore to send their money to their family in Indonesia, but not limited only to the workers. Every person who stays in Singapore could utilize this service as well. 

Why Must Transfez?

We know there are many remittance services in Singapore, but we offer something special that allows you not only to send your money to Indonesia but also you can pay your bills in Indonesia directly from Singapore!

You can top up your phone credit, purchase electricity tokens (PLN), pay your PDAM and BPJS bill with Transfez. By using Transfez, you can simplify your transaction needs in one application. Helping the needs of your family in Indonesia now can be done without leaving your home.

To maximize your experience, Transfez provides customer service who will always be ready to help you, in case you have any difficulties and answer every question that you have. So, you can send your money easily and safely from Singapore to Indonesia.

Download Transfez App

Transfez App can help you transfer money abroad more quickly and efficiently. Transfez Business can also help your business in making transactions abroad. For those of you who want to send money to relatives who are abroad because they are studying, working, or traveling, Transfez will be ready to help. This app is available on Android as well as iOS.

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Besides that, the fee is competitive. To send your money from Singapore to Indonesia, you only need to pay a transfer fee of SGD 5! 

Don’t forget to verify your Transfez account to redeem a special voucher, only for first 300 customers. After you have completed the verification of your account, you could get SGD 25 from Transfez with details as follow:

  • SGD 10 Transfez wallet
  • 3 Transfez voucher @ SGD 5

So, what are you waiting for? Download Transfez here!

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