Singapore Expat Population

Singapore is one of the countries with a high expat population. Since every year many expatriates moving to this country and taking a new job or perform new business. Currently, Singapore’s expat population are quite many compare to local Singaporeans. So that you can easily find various kinds of ethnic in Singapore. For more brief information, related to this population, the following paragraphs will give an overview.

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Current Singapore Expat Population

Every year, expat population in Singapore seems to keep increasing. This is because many foreigners and expatriates are interested to come to this country each year. According to many countries, Singapore is a very welcome place for foreigners. So that it will be interesting to start a new journey here, either single or with family.

By the year 2020, there are around 1.64 million expat population in this country. They are coming from various countries in the world. Such as Asia, America, New York, and also Australia. This means that around 29% of Singapore’s population is coming from another country. That is why it is a common thing to meet foreign people in the city center of Singapore.

This expat relocating is happening for some reasons, many expatriates mention that Singapore is a very welcome country for foreigners. Not to mention the law and the rules that are flexible enough for many people. So that it is comfortable to live in this country for a certain time. Singapore is also considered one of the safest countries in the world to visit by many expatriates, mainly from the west. So that it is one of the favorite destinations for many foreigners that want to change their lives by taking a new opportunity in Singapore.

Moving to Singapore from Overseas

Another interesting thing related to the Singapore expat population is the way how expatriates move to Singapore from other countries. Singapore stated a clear term for foreigners, which is not difficult and also strict at the same time. As long as you hold proper documentation such as a passport, VISA, and working permit, then living in this country will be easier. You just need to bring all the documentation and moved right away to this country anytime according to your documentation requirement.

The next thing to consider that makes Singapore is a lovely country for many foreigners is that this country has a mixture of cultures in one area. You will see that Singapore is rich with various ethnic that can live together without major issues for a long time. Furthermore, Singapore was using English as their main formal language. So that anyone from any countries will be easy to adapt at their first time in this country.

With this easiness and benefit, Singapore is one of the most comfortable countries in the world to stay in. You can find a suitable job in this country and get paid with a reasonable income every month. You can also enjoy a nice country with a well-structured system such as accommodation and transportation. So that you will be able to arrange your life here in easier ways.

Singapore Expatriate Trends of Demography

Among Singapore expat population, each year certain trends describe the demography of Singapore very well. This figure will be different every year. Therefore, it is interesting to know-how is the condition of Singapore current expat demography. This can show you which country is dominant in this country so that you can also decide whether it is a suitable country to moving or not. At the moment, there is a decrease in American and Australian people in this country. But there is an increasing number of Indian and Chinese people in recent years. It means that most of the expatriates living in Singapore are currently coming from Asian countries.

This demography trend will help you to figure out the population in this country. Furthermore, you can also figure out your working environment in Singapore refer to this demography. This will lead to your way of speaking and formally mentioning your intense. So that you can estimate the working behavior of most companies in Singapore too. That is why it is necessary to count on Singapore expat population including the percentage of each kind of foreigners in the country.

However, in case you are coming from minor countries, Singapore is still bringing its warm welcome to anyone. Therefore, you can always be coming into this country without worry. Not to mention that as long as your country has a representative embassy in Singapore, then everything will be fine. You will experience a nice living in this country and find many enjoyable moments too. Furthermore, you will also get a nice vacation with lots of interesting attractions to try in Singapore.

After reading the above information, it is pretty clear that Singapore expat population can be considered high compared to other countries. Therefore, no wonder this country has many mixed cultures around. Furthermore, with this number of expatriates every year, it places Singapore as one of the favorite countries in the world. So that this country will always be a trustable country for many foreigners due to its reputation.

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