Singapore in The Past

Singapore in the past made a history that is certainly different from other countries. This story in the past is what makes Singapore a different country from others. Now maybe Singapore is increasingly known by the world community. This developed country in Southeast Asia is even synonymous with a luxurious life with all the interesting things in it. But you may not know how the history of the country that got the nickname of the Lion Country. For those of you who feel curious about how Singapore in the past of course you can see the following explanation.

Singapore in The Past as a Peninsula Island

Singapore in the past can be known from the existence of records in the past. One of the historical sources of the country’s story is the record of the Chinese precisely in the 3rd century. At that time the country was called Pu-Luo-Chung. This term can also be interpreted as Ujong Island. Meaning in Malay is an island at the end of the peninsula. Later the name was changed to Temasek which means Sea City. This happened precisely when the first settlement was established around 1298-1299 AD. Of course, the name of this location is still changing.

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The Beginning of the Name Singapore

As explained earlier that Singapore in the past was originally an area called Ujong Island. Subsequently, the name changed from Pu-Luo-Chung to Temasek. This name is still changed including in the 14th century. At this time apparently, this small island whose strategic location got a new nickname.

His name also changed with a legend story that began with the arrival of a prince from Palembang. According to the legend that circulated the prince was named The Main Nila. The prince who came from the capital of Srivijaya then saw a unique animal while hunting. This animal is called unique or strange because it has never been seen before. Makai thought that this was a good sign so he gave a name for the location. The prince then named the location Singapore. The term is taken from Sanskrit which consists of the words simha and pura. Simha means lion while temple means city.

The Singapore in The Past

Raffles Reign as Part of Singapore in The Past

In the 19th century, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles came to this country. At that time Raffles served as the governor’s in the Sumatra area. He then realized the potential of the Singapore region to negotiate with local authorities. This negotiation was carried out with the aim that Raffles could make this country a trading post. Indeed, the location of this area can be said to be strategic.

Because its location at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia makes it a natural meeting point, especially on shipping routes. So various ships or sailing ships are certainly docked in this place. As a trading post, of course, Singapore is becoming a growing area. Singapore is also a place for distributing goods. This place then became an interesting area for immigrants from various countries.

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World War II

Singapore in the past is also growing because the region is becoming the center of world trade. But the prosperity of this country suffered a major blow precisely during World War II. The Japanese attack on this island to make tantara allies surrender greatly impacted the island. Until the island which is all called by the term impenetrable bull was briefly renamed. In this case, Japan changed its name to Syonan-to which means light from the southern island.

Towards Independence

In 1945 there was a surrender event where Japan surrendered 1945. This also ended with the handover of the island of Singapore to the British Military Government. Until then this British government remained in power on this island. Then in 1959, there was a spirit of nationalism among Singaporeans.

This was accompanied by the emergence of Lee Kuan Yew as the first prime minister precisely in Singapore. On August 9, 1965, Singapore became an independent and sovereign democratic state. Until now Singapore seems to continue to improve itself to become the best country.

Historical Sources of Singapore in The Past

When viewed from its history, it can be said that Singapore is a country full of interesting stories. The story of this country in the past seems to be filled with struggles starting from the reign of Governor Raffles. Then in the end Singapore became independent and continues to grow until now. Various evidence and historical sources of Singapore can certainly be found in this country. For example, in various museums and even memorials. You can also walk the heritage trail to go back in time. These various historical sources can answer the story of Singapore in the past.

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Singapore in the past was full of colors. The history of Singapore is decorated with a variety of unique and unforgettable events. It was from this past that Singapore stood up and kept trying to move forward. Until finally Singapore became a country that experienced rapid development. This development even made him more known in the world. This country then became one of the developed countries that deserve to be taken into account in the ranks of other developed countries.