Singapore Income Tax

If you file taxes for the first time, or tenth or even twentieth time, it will usually make people frustrated because of the procession. The process of filing a tax is considered confusing, and time-consuming. Here is a quick and essential guide to filing Singapore Income Tax. 

There is some important information you need to know about income tax in Singapore. Especially if you live in Singapore, and are an already earning citizen.

Who Should Pay Singapore Income Tax? 

There are two categories of taxpayers, citizens of the nation and non-citizens. Generally speaking, if you fit into any of the following groups, you are a taxpayer:

  • Singaporeans and those living there permanently.
  • People from outside Singapore who have worked there for at least 183 days in the past calendar year or continuously for three years.

If you don’t belong to one of these groups, you may not be a native. 

What Types of Income Are Taxed and What Types of Income Are Not Taxed? 

What types of income are subject to Singapore Income Tax? you may be thinking. There is a good chance that you will submit a tax return with the IRS if you get a salary. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that even if you get a wage, you will still be required to pay taxes on any additional money you may receive from a side job. This may imply:

  • Money from work; 
  • Money from trade, business, profession, or vocation 
  • Money from property or investment 
  • Money from other sources 

The Singapore Income Tax

How Much Singapore Income Tax Do You Have to Pay? 

The amount of income tax due in Singapore will often determine whether someone is a taxpayer or not. Your employment income is taxed if you don’t live in the nation at a flat rate of 15% or a lower rate, whichever is higher. At a set rate of 22 percent, other sorts of income, such as director salary, may be taxed.

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If you are a tax resident, like the majority of us, your income is taxed at the graduate resident income tax rate. Utilize tax benefits to lower your income tax. However, the majority of people do not fully pay their taxes. Indeed, all taxpayers of Singapore Income Tax can benefit from various deductions and reliefs. Regarding this tax deduction, then you can use it to lower income tax You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and for some working mothers, it can even mean that there is no income tax. 

Example of Singapore Income Tax Calculation

Mr. Tan is a man who is single and works for a company and earns $60,000 a year. He also did some odd jobs, earning about $5,000. He felt bad about how Covid-19 was affecting the local community, so he donated $300 to a group approved by the Public Charter Foundation (IPC). He can also earn a total of $12,000 in tax deductions.

Electronic applications are made through the IRAS (Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) portal. To log in and send an archive, all you need is your SingPass. But if you don’t like using a computer, IRAS gives you the option to fill out forms.

Don’t wait until the last minute to file your taxes. Everyone who owes income tax will be notified on March 1 that they can start paying taxes. If you wish to submit your application electronically, you have until April 18 to do so. If you prefer to use a paper form, you can complete and apply until April 15.

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How to Pay Taxes? 

You have paid taxes, but you don’t know how to pay Singapore Income Tax. There are several ways to pay. A fairly in-demand payment method is through a GIRO and you can choose to pay for everything in one lump sum or make 12 payments without interest. 

Additionally, you may select from a variety of online payment options, including PayNow, I-Banking, credit card, and even wire transfer. You should avoid missing deadlines, failing to pay taxes, or paying less than you should.

If you don’t understand why you should pay taxes, don’t ignore the law, underreport your income, or just refuse to pay. You could get into problems if you do that. A penalty equal to 5% of the unpaid tax will be assessed against you if you don’t make your payments on time.

Tax Deadline Miss

If you continue to miss deadlines of Singapore Income Tax, you may be subject to a penalty of up to 12%. If you do not pay taxes, you will have to deal with the following: 

  • Your bank, your employer, or your tenant will have to pay you. 
  • You will not be able to leave Singapore 
  • Legal documents will be provided to you. 

An illegal tax declaration is a form of tax evasion, tax evasion. It is against the law. If you are charged with serious tax evasion fraud, you could be fined up to $50,000 or jailed for up to seven years. 

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Those are some of the rules regarding Singapore Income Tax. Most people in the world pay income tax, and it is a good idea to follow the rules and regulations in this regard. It’s a good idea to pay your taxes correctly, learn how to get as much tax relief as possible, and file your returns on time.