Singapore Public Holiday 2022

Several public holidays always exist every year in Singapore. These public holidays are related to several important occasions in this country. However, some foreigners might not familiar with Singapore public holiday 2022. So that it will be necessary to get some overview related to this holiday to prepare anything accordingly. For brief information related to this public holiday, the following paragraphs will help to give an overview.

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1.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 1 January

Similar to all the countries around the world, Singapore manages the 1st of January as the date of a public holiday to celebrate the new year. Therefore, during this day, many Singaporean celebrate the night with various kinds of parties. So that many offices will close and certain mall might apply a half-day open.

2.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 1-2 February

As many of the people living in Singapore is Chinese, therefore, this country also takes Chinese New Year as one of its public holidays. During these days, many celebrations in the various mall are performed around Singapore. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on the 1st and 2nd date of February. During this time, many Chinese people in Singapore will celebrate with their families. Many attractions such as barong are shown in certain places around the country.

3.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 15 April

Singapore also decides to include Good Friday as Singapore public holiday. This is a celebration by Christian people on Friday before Easter day. In public holiday 2022 Singapore, the Good Friday will be celebrated on 15 April 2022. This is celebrated on Friday, several days before Easter day.

4.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 1 May

Labor day is also one of the public holidays that is celebrated in Singapore every first of May. Therefore, during the day, all laborers will have their vacation accordingly. Some of them will manage to gather and celebrate the solidarity among Singaporean workers.

5.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 2 May

Singapore also consists of Muslim communities. Therefore, Ied Al Fitri is celebrated as a public holiday too. This is started with the Ramadhan celebration and ends on the 2nd of May for the final celebration. Furthermore, the next day which is 3 May included as a public holiday too. Within these days, Muslim communities in Singapore will arrange to meet their family and perform praying together.

6.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 15 May

Another public holiday in Singapore is Vesak day celebrated by many Buddhists in this country. To celebrate this moment, many temples are decorated and many shopping malls also celebrate the moment with sales and attraction. In 2022, this celebration will be on 15 May. Therefore, during the day, many Buddhists will prepare accordingly either with friends or family.

7.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 9 July

Hari Raya Haji is also one of the important days for Muslims. Therefore, Singapore decides to take this day as one of the public holidays 2022 Singapore. This is an important moment for Muslims that will be celebrated on the 9th of July. This day is celebrated by sacrificing cows or goats in the mosques. This is usually applied to those with sufficient finances to make the sacrifice.

8.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 9 August

The next important Singapore public holiday is National Day. Anyone of you staying in Singapore must be familiar with this day. On 9 August 1965, Singapore reach its freedom from Malaysia. That is why the Singapore government decided to put 9 August as the public holiday 2022 Singapore. To remind this moment, the national day is always celebrated in various ways. Starting from performing parade, shopping mall discounts, and many other interesting to see.

9.      Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 24 October

One of the celebrations for Hindus in Singapore is Deepavali. Since many Indian people stay in the country, Deepavali is official as one of the public holidays 2022 Singapore. It will happen on 24 October. Therefore, if you wish to see some Deepavali celebrations and their related attraction, you can plan to travel to the country around this day.

10. Singapore Public Holiday 2022, 25 December

Similar to many countries, since they’re also some percentage of Christian people in Singapore, therefore, Christmas is one of the Singapore public holidays. During this day, many shopping malls in Singapore will celebrate the moment and give some nice attractions or sales. Unfortunately, in 2022, Christmas day will fall on Sunday. Therefore, the government decides to add another one day as a public holiday the next day.

By reading the above information, now you can get exact information related to Singapore public holiday 2022. So that you can arrange any important activities during this holiday. Remember that most office and government services will not be available at this time. So that you may need to arrange another day to perform your needs. It is better to take a vacation on these days. Since during public holidays in Singapore, many attractions will give it best promotion. Such as various discounts or sales in shopping centers, plus you can also get various discounts for an amusement park.

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