Singapore Stock Exchange Listed Companies

Singapore stock exchange listed companies can now be a reference for those who want to invest. Of course, you don’t need to be confused if you want to invest your money in Singapore. Because there are several Singapore stock exchange listed companies as follows.


One of the Singapore stock exchange listed companies that you can find is DBS. For the latest conditions at the moment, it is known that its stock price has fallen and reached 1.10%. The company, which is part of DBS Group Holdings Ltd, you can follow the latest prices.

This Singaporean company or financial institution is arguably reaching a low price from the exact opening price at this time. Then you should be able to consider more appropriately if you want to make a sale. Because the selling price that is too low can later cause losses. Then you should not miss the stock index. Instead, keep up with the latest price index.


In Singapore, there is also UOB which also joined as a stick exchange precisely in Singapore. UOB, which stands for United Overseas Bank, is also known to have experienced a price decline. The decline in the stock price even reached 2.51% so this needs to be a concern for you. Especially if you buy and sell shares from UOB.

This well-known bank institution in Singapore also provides services for anyone who wants to go through the trading process. Buying and selling shares can be done, of course, by equalizing the price of this institution. You should always follow the development of the stock price so that you can buy and sell at the right time.

The Singapore Stock Exchange Listed Companies


There is also a Singapore stock exchange listed companies which of course is also familiar to anyone. This stock exchange is SingTel which has been widely looked at by trading enthusiasts. To find out the latest price, you can see the website related to the latest stock price. In addition, you can also immediately find out the latest price info.

But now you don’t need to worry about the ups and downs of SingTel prices. Because on this day, it is known that SingTel’s stock price is still stable. It means that it is known that there is no price change. The highest and lowest prices are still the same so there was a closing process. It happens when the stock price reaches 0.451.

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For those of you who are currently investing in the form of SIA banks, there is no need to be afraid and worry. Because the price of SIA has not decreased. On the contrary, the stock has increased so that this can be profitable for your investors. Those who planted SIA or Singapore Airlines shares can at least now feel relieved. Because this stock is experiencing an increase of 1.68%.

Or maybe you could have done a stock sale at this very moment. Because the sale of shares that you do will help provide income for you. This income comes from the profit obtained from the sale of SIA shares directly or with intermediaries.


The best banking financial institutions in Singapore are still there are others. One of them is OCBC Bank, whose name is well known. You can also get the shares of this well-known bank headquartered in Singapore. Investment investments in this bank will help you to get additional income. Moreover, where the exchange rate price is known to have increased.

The price increase may at first glance seem as painful and even worthless. But actually, the existence of this rising price can be a breath of fresh air for you to carry out the sales process. Of course, you can get benefits because of the latest price increase from this Singapore stock exchange listed companies.

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Keppel Crop

Another stock sale that is also recommended for you is Keppel Crop stock. This one stock has also increased for now. So if you want to do a stock sale it seems that this is the right time. Shares of the Keppel crop are gaining as of today. This increase reached 1.62% so it can be said that this increase is quite high. Keppel Corporation is indeed quite familiar to Singaporeans.

Moreover, nowadays this Singapore stock exchange listed companies sells its shares and can be owned by anyone. Of course, this price increase can help you to be able to make more differences. Namely regarding the process of selling shares that are expected to be profitable for you.


The last company that has direct involvement with the Singapore stock exchange listed companies is SGX. This company is very well known by anyone. Almost all local Singaporeans have heard of it. Not only that, but this SGX has value for several countries in the world. SGX or the Singapore stock exchange is currently still reaching 3200.

At least there is an increase in the stock price even if it may seem like a slight increase. However, to carry out the buying and selling process, you should involve consideration until the most appropriate decision appears. Get in advance the latest price of this stock to avoid losses.

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Singapore stock exchange listed companies above is highly recommended for all of you. If you currently want to invest with the involvement of a stock exchange, then you don’t need to be confused and worried. Because you can consider one of the several companies above. Of course, these various companies are the most in-demand so they are considered for you.