Social Selling

Social selling is becoming a modern term that many companies seem to be starting to learn now. Maybe some startup business people are still confused about the understanding or meaning of this one term. The understanding of this term is not as complicated as you might think. Moreover, this is related to social networking trend among the public. This type of selling is a sales process or practice by utilizing social media. Of course, social media is no stranger to anyone. Until now, this kind of sales technique is preferred by various companies. Of course, to do this, several strategies are needed, such as the following.

1. Building a brand

One of the things you need to do when doing social selling is build a brand. First of all, you need to introduce a brand or brand. Both the company brand and the brand of the products you sell and offer to the public. After introducing your brand then you can maintain the image of the brand. Building an image for your brand may not be as easy as turning a hand.

However, this brand image needs to be maintained. Do not let you provide products and services that disappoint customers. We recommend that you try to always provide the best for every customer. If customers are satisfied, then the brand image that you build will always be maintained.

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2. Understanding the audience

You also need to understand your audience who often has multiple accounts on social media for successful social selling. The audience itself consists of several categories. Then you should be able to categorize each audience. If you have categorized the audience then you can then determine the target or sales goals. Don’t get this sales target or target wrong so you can get customers from all audiences.

Of course, you must be able to understand the audience that will later become the target or target for the business. Understand what kind of product the audience wants. And you need to understand what the audience needs. Until your product sales are able to reach the target.

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3. Prioritizing interaction

The interaction between the company and each customer is necessary. Build communicative interactions with customers. This interaction can be done at any time or maybe you can make your schedule. You can communicate with your audience or customers about various things. For example, regarding a new product that will be launched soon.

Or maybe you can introduce a new program if it satisfies the customer. You can also give rewards, especially to customers who have been loyal to buying your product. Or maybe you say hello to the customer and give a little info to the customer. All these efforts will increase your interaction with your audience and customers.

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4. Creating content

There is a lot of content that can be created to support social selling. There are indeed many types of content and various types. Starting from video content or maybe articles and many others. Of course, you can choose the type of content you want and if you can create it.

In the future, the creation of this content can be attempted to make it appear attractive to the audience. It is where product promotion can be done so that social sales can be realized. Creating content about your product will trigger the audience to know more about the product. The more views of the content, the more interested the audience will be in your product.

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5. Using live videos

It’s not only content of the type mentioned above that can attract customers. However, there is also contained in the form of live video which is currently a trend in social selling. If you want to increase sales, you need to do more. For example, promoting a product by doing a live video. Make the live video as interesting as possible to make the audience feel curious.

Live video itself is currently a trend. Many businesses are then introduced to the audience through this method. Until the audience can be interested in the products you offer to make product purchases. Later you will get new customers through sales techniques like this.

6. Pay attention to competitors

Another thing that should not be missed in social selling is paying attention to your competitors or competitors. The presence of competitors or competing businesses does not always have a bad impact on you. Instead, you can pay attention to it to learn more about it.

Through social media later you can find out more strategies from each of your competing companies. Maybe you can learn a lot from competing companies or competitors. It is not a problem as long as each company can carry out its activities without bringing down other companies. By paying attention to competitors, you may become more motivated in developing your business.

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Social selling carried out with the various strategies above will produce the best results. Profit after profit will come to your business as long as the above strategy can be executed properly. Indeed, this kind of sales prioritizes social media as a tool. The presence of social media today makes many companies consider it a marketing tool. Until the social sale took place and realized many benefits for the related company. Earning income or income by using social media is sometimes even very large.