Street Banners Singapore

The main region of Singapore consists of several different districts, each with a different character and combination of purposes of use. These areas and the city skyline are the results of careful planning.  On the streets of Singapore, there are usually many clues and many street banners Singapore containing information. It such as directions to a place, information on certain events or advertisements. Some of the information on making street banners Singapore as follows.

Types of Street Banners Singapore


Outdoor billboards and banners were moved to the main activity corridors in the city, where there was a high level of pedestrian and street activity and where billboards could complement the features and activities in the region and contribute to dynamism and buzz. As a result, billboards and banners on Singapore streets are only allowed along designated routes along Orchard Road, New Bridge Road/Eu Tong Sen Street, and in the Wet Bras area. The places are Bugis and parts of Raffles Place, Marina Center, and Singapore River.

The Street Banners Singapore

Advertising Signs

Outdoor advertising signs are not allowed in other parts of the central area, other than this area. It includes residential, financial and business, and residential areas to ensure that each retains its unique character and avoids controversy over its use.

When signs are allowed along a designated route, design guidelines must be in place to ensure that they relate to activities on the road surface and do not negatively affect the view of the city skyline. Therefore, billboard signs should not be placed on the top of the façade of the building or the roof area.

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Guidelines of Street Banners Singapore

Billboard signs and banners on the streets are also not allowed on furniture and path structures along the way, such as overpasses and pergolas. These guidelines also apply to exterior advertising signs on conservation buildings to ensure that they complement the heritage character and do not obscure the main architectural features of the building.

However, these guidelines are not limited to the installation of signs on buildings both inside and outside special traffic lanes. URA has revised its guidelines to balance the needs of the business community and advertising professionals while maintaining the overall quality of our built environment. The new route includes the main roads of Little India, Somerset Road, Tanglin Road, and Eu Tong Sen Street / New Bridge Road towards the Singapore River

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Technical Specification of Street Banners Singapore

Existing panels up to a maximum mounting height of 15m for billboards on the Singapore River and Raffles Place were also removed and billboards up to 30m and 20m above could be paved in their respective areas. In addition, for Raffles Place, a maximum sign space of 30m² per building has been relaxed to create more opportunities for advertising signs. In the Raffles Place area, billboards and banners on the streets of Singapore are now supported based on a predetermined set of locations for each building.

At certain intersections at Orchard Road and Bras Basah. Billboards can also be placed on the facades of buildings at a height of more than 30m depending on the detailed assessment of their impact on the building and use in the area.

The Need for URA Planning Permit

URA planning permission is not required for the installation of signs, banners on the streets, and outdoor advertising signs. Requests to display these signs must be submitted to the Advertising Licensing Department of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), before the installation of these signs. For any markings located in conservation buildings or national monuments, a permit from the Ministry of Conservation, URA, is also required before applying for BCA.

Submissions must be made in full accordance with the provisions of the Building Control Regulations (Advertisements), Building Control Regulations (Temporary Buildings), and Central Area Exterior Signage Guidelines. Please refer to the BCA website for more details on the application requirements.

For outdoor billboard requirements at Orchard Road, Singapore River, and Marina Centre, submissions must include a coordinated billboard image, approved by the building owner, to indicate the location of the existing, proposed, and planned billboard to the public building.

Requirements for Obtaining Permission Street Banner Singapore

Before applying for a permit, you must ensure that your mark complies with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Exterior Marking Guidelines, Regulations, and other instructions and requirements may apply. The URA Outdoor Signs Guide provides guidelines and regulations based on where you want your signage to be displayed.

Since the downtown area and the city skyline are the results of careful urban planning, advice is needed to ensure that the roads remain attractive and tidy. As a result, billboards are only allowed along routes with certain directions such as Orchard Road, New Bridge Road, and parts of Raffles Place. Design guidelines such as installation height on buildings and sign lights are provided.

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Those are all information about street banners Singapore. The requirement of this also varies depending on the type of sign. Whether it’s a loose billboard, lamppost signs, a construction site sign, and more. For example, no permanent advertising signs are allowed at gas stations.