Thaipusam Festival Singapore

The Thaipusam Festival Singapore is a Hindu festival in honor of the Hindu god Muruga. It is celebrated very grandly in Tamil Nadu as well as in places where many Tamils live. Singapore is a country with a large number of Tamils living and working here.

The Thaipusam Festival Singapore is a monumental festival attended by thousands of Tamils each year. The most special feature of the celebration is the large decorated kavadi. It is worn by many believers with translucent skin.

About Thaipusam Festival Singapore

The Thaipusam Festival Singapore is held over two days. On the eve of Thai Poosam, the deity was brought in a large and magnificent procession to the Sithi Vinayagar temple of Sri Thendayuthapani temple to visit his brother, Vinayagar. On the way, the train stopped at Sri Mariamman Temple so that Murugan could salute the Goddess in the temple who was also the embodiment of his mother, Goddess Parvati.

In the evening, the cart carrying Murugan returned to his temple, with followers of the Chettiar community wearing kavadi. His name is Chetty Poosam. For a spiritual beginning, astrological guidance, divine solutions to problems, and meaningful life.

On the Second Tuesday, the ritual begins once in the morning. After the worship at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple, set out for Sri Thendayuthapani Temple with a pot of milk as an offering to the gods. Others may wear wooden kavadi. Crowds of people flocked to the temple until almost 7 p.m. In the central temple of the main temple, milk offerings are poured over the divine stored in the temple.

The Thaipusam Festival Singapore

Who participates in the Thaipusam Festival Singapore?

The majority of Hindus attending Thaipusam Festival Singapore are Tamil Hindus. However, it is not uncommon to find Hindus of other ethnicities participating in the procession. This is especially true in Singapore, where our culture is melting away.

The Thaipusam Singapore Festival is also a thank you for worshippers to celebrate the fulfillment of their vows and express gratitude to Lord Murugan for helping them. A month is devoted to the spiritual preparation of the big day, with worshippers following a strict vegetarian diet.

The most iconic part of the festival is the kavadi itself. This intricate structure is decorated with peacock flowers and feathers (the symbol of Murugan). Their weight can reach 30 kilograms and grow up to four meters. Although it may seem like a heartbreaking experience, kavadi wearers often feel at peace and may even fall into a hypnotic-like state. This is supported by live music played by lord Murugan’s band

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Things You Need to Know About This Colorful and Vibrant Festival.

1. Tamil Holidays

Most of the participants in the Thaipusam Festival Singapore celebrations are Hindus whose mother tongue is Tamil. Muruga is the patron deity of Tamils. It was because they had a special place in their hearts for him. Tamil Nadu has a group of Muruga temples, known as Arupadai veedu.

It is believed that they were in a battle location or camp where he rested while continuing to fight against the evil Soorapadman and his army. To kill this demon, his mother, the goddess Parvati, gave him a divine weapon, Vel Thaipusam in memory of this event. Despite being a Tamil festival, Hindus of other ethnicities also participate in the celebration of the Thaipusam Singapore Festival.

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2. Thanksgiving Ritual

Devotees consider Thaipusam Festival Singapore to be a ritual of thanksgiving. When their wishes were granted by Lord Murugan, they fulfilled their wishes and expressed their gratitude to him. They have been preparing for this day for months.

They follow a fast or strict vegetarian diet. Wearing kavadi is an important part of the ritual. This is an intricate structure decorated with peacock flowers and feathers. The peacock is Murugan’s vehicle. Kavadi can weigh up to 30 kg and grow up to four meters in height. But those who wear kavadi do not feel burdened. Instead, they felt peaceful and went into a trance.

During this procession, drums continued to be drummed and worshippers chanted “Vel, vel, shakti vel” in a spirit of devotion. Some people can carry wooden structures without swords or spears. Women and children under the age of 16 brought milk bottles as an offering to the god Murugan.

3. The Importance of Wearing Kavadi

The intricately decorated Kavadi was used as a form of ritual sacrifice during the worship of the god Murugan. The weight of the kavadi and the hook that pierces the skin of the person wearing the kavadi represents the physical burden requested by the worshippers for the intercession of the god Murugan. The wearer follows the celibate regime and eats only one meal of Satvik food (non-spicy vegetarian food). The rapid pace begins 8 hours before the start of Thaipusam and helps purify the mind and body.

The procession of devotees carrying the kavadi began at the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple on Serangoon Road. It ends at Sri Thendayuthapani Temple on Tank Road. The entire route has a distance of approximately 5 km. Not only the congregation but also tourists and locals participated in the procession.

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Only a few people believe that the Thaipusam Festival Singapore celebrates Murugan’s birthday. It was on that day that he killed the demon Soorapadman. It was to kill this demon that Muruga was born. So Thai Poosam, like many other festivals, celebrates the triumph of good over evil.