[:en]The Great Places for Living in Indonesia[:]

What are The Great Places for Living in Indonesia? Beautiful and mesmerizing. These words are considered quite describing how fascinating the atmosphere in Indonesia is. Because of the beauty of Indonesia, many foreigners eventually fall in love until they decide to settle here.

It’s Not About The Great Places

Many activities are carried out by foreigners in Indonesia, including expatriates. They do things such as learning more about various Indonesian cultures, building a career, and finally being able to enjoy life.

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Therefore, expatriates felt the need to find the best place to stay while in Indonesia. Therefore, here are the best places that you must stay in Indonesia. Let’s check it out!

1. Bali

The Great Places #1 is Bali. It is undeniable that Bali is one of the places in Indonesia which is most adored by foreigners from various countries. Not only presenting a variety of beautiful landscapes, but Bali also has several cultural attractions that can attract tourists from worldwide. Without wondering, many ex-pats choose to live in this one city. 

2. Yogyakarta

The Great Places #2 is Yogyakarta. Besides Bali, Yogyakarta is also one of the places where ex-pats are targeted to live and stay. Besides having a beautiful view, the cost of living is cheap and there is a variety of culinary-making ex-pats who want to always continue to live here. 

3. Surabaya

The Great Places #3 is Surabaya. This town is well-known for “Crazy Rich Surabaya”. Surabaya is also one of the favorite cities of ex-pats. How come? This city includes having a high per capita income and is accompanied by a low living cost. Just imagine, it’s like living in heaven, isn’t it?

4. Bandung

The Great Places #4 is Bandung. Seems like another city that wants to develop itself to be better than before, Bandung has improved in various sectors with the best services and urban planning. This place is considered very worthy of being chosen to live and settle in the long term. Why? Because the city has a cool atmosphere and easy access to various public places. 

5. Jakarta

The Great Places #5 is Jakarta. For last but not least, Jakarta. It seems that most ex-pats agree that Jakarta has its own privileges for local and foreign residents. Besides having a high per capita income, the city also offers a variety of conveniences, especially in terms of mobility. Therefore,  Jakarta is still number #1 as the best choice for ex-pat living.  

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