Tiong Bahru Singapore

Tiong Bahru Singapore is certainly the best residential area for every citizen of the Lion Country. Even those of you who are currently tourists in this country can also stay in this residential area. This residential area or housing area is arguably the oldest housing in Singapore.

This residential area is now a popular place for Singaporeans. Many residents then relax in this place while enjoying the scenery around the area. In addition, residents can also do a variety of exciting and fun activities. All the things that are in this residential area are very interesting. You are definitely at home if you live here.

History of Tiong Bahru Singapore

When viewed from the history apparently this Tiong Bahru Singapore has a very interesting story in the past. You may have been curious about the historical story of this place that became a settlement in Singapore. Actually, at first, this residential area is a new cemetery and this is following the meaning of the name.

In the Hokkien dialect of Chinese, the word Tiong means last. While the word Bahru in Malay means new. So this area is called a new cemetery represented as Tiong Bahru. Looking back on history, this settlement is a burial ground. Not only as a burial ground but other areas in this place also used to be used. For example, the lowest area in this area is used as a place to process crops. This happened precisely in the 19th century. Pearl’s Hill is a bull, especially for military personnel. Of course, this story became a past that intrigued everyone.

The Tiong Bahru Singapore

Tiong Bahru Changes

Until now, of course, Tiong Bahru Singapore has developed along with the development of the times. You could say this area has changed to become more modern. This residential area even seems trendy so it is suitable to be a place to live for all of you. In recent years many outlets can be your shopping place. It is undeniable that this area is growing for the better.

It’s not just the look that seems good and cool. But also what is in this residential area is certainly very spoiling to the eye. This is what adds to the attraction of the Tiong Bahru area until it is more and more crowded with people.

Tiong Bahru Design and Architecture

The changes that occurred in Tiong Bahru Singapore from then until now are certainly clearly visible from the appearance. It’s no secret that Tiong Bahru’s design and architecture are very interesting. This design looks unique so it always seems alluring to everyone who sees it. In this residential area, you can see buildings with several alluring architectures.

The architecture is inspired by Streamline Moderne which was known in the 1930s. So when you see the design of Tiong Bahru Singapore, you will feel presented with a view of the building which is a combination of new and traditional designs. In addition, some streamlined modern architecture is striking in some parts of this building.

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Culinary in The Tiong Bahru Singapore

Food lovers also do not need to hesitate to hunt for new flavors in Tiong Bahru Singapore. In this place, many outlets sell various types of food. In this area, various types of food taste delicious. You can enjoy all the delicious food in this place. A variety of culinary from rice and noodles to others are available here. You can choose the desired menu so that you can taste various foods. This residential building with a vintage feel is full of foods with distinctive flavors. There is also a traditional food market that is certainly tempting and very appetizing for you. Of course, enjoying all the food will be a new exciting thing. It would be nice to spend time in this place and enjoying the cuisine.

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Shops Around Tiong Bahru Singapore

It’s not just culinary tourism that you find completely in the residential area of Tiong Bahru Singapore. As previously known that in this region there are many outlets available. Various store outlets will serve you so that all your needs can be met properly. Call it from a daily grocery store to a food store and up to a bookstore will serve you. What you want and need you can get in a residential area that can provide a lot of inspiration.

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Tiong Bahru Singapore, the oldest residential area in Singapore, is famous to many residents. It’s not just Singaporeans who recognize the area. It can be said that even foreign tourists or citizens of other countries also know this residential area. This one housing in addition to the oldest is also known to have tourist attractions. But this tourist spot seems hidden in the housing. This makes many people more curious about the uniqueness of Tiong Bahru. Not only looking around the surrounding conditions but you can also do a lot of activities in this area. You can enjoy your vacation time in this place. Of course, your days will be more exciting and fun while you are here. Even this unique residential area will add a new experience in Singapore.