Top Medical Universities in Abroad | Complete University Guide

Acquiring knowledge related to the medical world and medicine is a difficult thing to do. Moreover, science is widely known and requires a fairly high focus.

So, it’s good to find the best place if you want to continue your studies at a related university. For example, choose a top medical universities abroad. It’s not easy, but it can work if done with a lot of consideration.

Top Medical Universities in Abroad | Complete University Guide

In general, the medical and technological world is still dominated by most universities in America and Europe. So that these countries become absolute destinations for those who want to become experts in the medical field and the like. If you are curious about which top medical universities abroad are worth considering, here are some lists of them.

Harvard University

Harvard University is also known as one of the prestigious campuses even at the world level. It is also the top medical universities abroad and a favorite among many international students.

Furthermore, in America itself, this university is included in the best campus ranks. Not only a favorite but this top university in the USA also has a history that is quite astonishing.

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Harvard University is the oldest campus in the United States. The campus was founded in 1636. Its location is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Harvard University has always colored history by making achievements. This of course makes Harvard one of the most recognized and reputable universities. Not only in America but the fragrant name of this campus has even gone global.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a very favorite top university in the UK not only in the country but also around the world. All students dream of being able to study at this top medical universities in abroad.

Therefore, it is not easy to be admitted to the oldest university in England. Moreover, this university ranking is included as the world’s first rank by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and is ranked second in the world version of QS World University Rankings.

University of Cambridge

The next top medical universities in abroad is the University of Cambridge. Everyone must have heard of this big name from this university which is located in the UK.

So, it is not surprising that every year the University of Cambridge receives many outstanding students from various countries in the world. This makes it not only the best university in the UK, but also in Europe and even around the world. This is evidenced by his position as 3rd rank in the QS World University Rankings.

Stanford University

There is also another top medical universities in abroad, namely Stanford University. This university may have been heard very often by students. Even many students from outside the U.S. know it. If viewed from its location, it is known that Stanford University is located in the Silicon Valley area.

This area is a center of innovation in the U.S. and also a center of medical knowledge in the world. This is what makes the campus always encouraged to give birth to the best achievements through its graduates. This university has also always been a target for many talented students from anywhere

Johns Hopkins University

Those who search for the top medical universities in abroad must consider selecting Johns Hopkins University. It is a famous university that has been known for its medical technology and excellent medication knowledge.

Therefore, any student who wants to be an expert in terms of medical technology can be selecting this college.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the university is easy to reach. Furthermore, it is completed with many supporting facilities. So that the students will feel comfortable enough while studying here.

Karolinska Institute, Solna, Sweeden

If you wish for a top medical universities in abroad that is located in Sweeden, then Karolinska Institue can be a good answer. It gives medical programs for the students and it is pretty famous. Therefore, it is another best place to gain knowledge related to medication. Not to mention that the country has an incredible view and environment.

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University of California, Los Angeles

Another name is the University of California, Los Angeles. In this university, there are several selections of medical majors. All majors are supported by a nice curriculum and great lecturers. Therefore, the student can gain enough knowledge about medicine here.

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Yale University

Yale University is the top medical universities in abroad located in New Haven, Connecticut. This university was founded in 1701 so it can be said to be one of the oldest universities in the American region.

Not only that, but the university also has many interesting elective programs, including its medical majors. So do not be surprised if Yale University is a reference for students who want to study this medical major.

By looking at the top medical universities in abroad options above, of course, there are currently enough shadows about which university is right to be an option.

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As long as later the selected place has conformity in many ways, including the language of instruction, the environment, to the cost. Choosing the best university in this field, of course, indirectly is preparing a brilliant career map for those who successfully graduate later.