Top Universities in London | Complete University Guide

What are Top Universities in London? Who is not familiar with the city of London in the UK? Not only famous for its beautiful scenery and neat and clean country but also famous for the best education system in the world.

So do not be surprised if the top universities in London is a destination that is in great demand by international students in any country.

There are some of the best university options in London that can be a reference for those who want to continue their further education in the city.

As a top universities in London, of course, it will have competent teaching staff and good educational facilities.

Therefore, to be able to determine which university is the best, here are some recommendations.

Top Universities in London | Complete University Guide

Imperial College London

If you dream of becoming a student at the top universities in London, then try applying to Imperial College London. This place is a top universities that also have the best accreditation in the UK. Moreover, this university is famous for its materials science and engineering programs. It is the first rank in London and the 7th rank in the world.

King’s College London

If you are looking for a research-based campus in London, you can go directly to King’s College London. Of course, you will not regret it if you study at this campus.

Because this top universities in London always provides the best educational services for students. It is the second rank in London and the 8th rank in the world.

University College London

Finding a prestigious and top univerities in London is also quite easy. You just stay continuing your education at University College London which is certainly known by many people.

The university is known to be very friendly to a wide variety of students. Including students who are distinguished based on gender and religion. No wonder many international students feel at home studying at this campus.

London School of Economics and Politics Science

For those of you who are very interested in studying social and political science, of course, there is no need to bother choosing a campus. At the London School of Economics and Politics Science, you can get an education with a focus on social and political sciences. Furthermore, this university is rank 4th in London and rank 49th in the world.

Brunel University London

Another name for a top universities in London is Brunel University London. The college is established in 1966 and has various selections of majors. It also completes various academic and non-academic facilities to support its students accordingly.

Queen Mary University of London

The Queen Mary University of London is another top universities in London with good credit and excellent majors to select. The university was founded in 1785 as a merger of four medical colleges namely The Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew, Queen Mary College, London School of Medicine and Dentistry, and Westfield College. Therefore, it is the best option for medical universities in the city.

SOAS University of London

SOAS University of London was established in 1916 and has various majors to select from bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees. This top universities in London also provides many facilities such as sports facilities, a library, online learning, and many more.

City, University of London

This top universities in London was established in 1966. It has several majors selected from bachelor’s degrees to a doctoral degree. Furthermore, it is also one of the most prestigious campuses in the city.

Birkbeck, University of London

The next top university in London is Birkbeck, University of London. It was established in 1823 and provides various selections of courses and programs for international students too.

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Royal Holloway University of London

As a prestigious college established in 1886, Royal Holloway University of London is a top university in London with many majors to select. It is also a good university to conduct various kinds of research.

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The Benefit of Study at Top Universities in London

Many benefits can be obtained if you decide to study at a top universities in London. Studying in this city gives a lot of positive things following.

• World’s Best Universities

The average London university gets international recognition. By deciding to study in London, you will have the opportunity to experience studying at the best university in the world. Where all curriculum and teaching methods may feel better than those in the country itself. Therefore, this is a wonderful opportunity to miss.

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• Better Future

Graduating from a top university in London means you will get the opportunity to work in the world’s largest companies. It’s no secret that many global and international companies choose graduates from various universities in London as their workers. So that this opportunity can give you the bright future you want.

The above top university in London is a good selection for anyone keen to continue studying in a different country. In London, you will not only have a chance to learn many majors. But you also get a chance to enjoy its beautiful place and environment.

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Not to mention that the country is rich with an interesting experience. So that you can get both, study at a college and study the beautiful environment of London.