Top University for Economics | Complete University Guide

Choosing a top university for economics in the world that is famous and is a favorite destination for many students is certainly not an easy matter. Some students want the best place to get the most challenging economics major.

But some have problems both related to language and high tuition fees. So, choosing which of the world’s best economics universities requires a thorough comparison.

Before deciding on the right place, it’s a good idea to try to read the information provided below. So that in the future it is easier to choose which top university for economics is following your wishes and abilities. For more details, continue reading the information presented below.

Top University for Economics | Complete University Guide

Harvard University

The first and most famous top university for economics is Harvard University. It is no doubt that this best college in the USA provides good programs for the economics major.

Furthermore, it is also not doubted that all facilities at Harvard University are considered complete and excellent. So that the student will not only be able to receive a high-quality education but also receive a nice warm environment to socialize with the other students too.

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University of California – Berkeley

Another name for the top university for economics that is also located in the USA is the University of California – Berkeley. The university has several programs and courses selected for economics majors.

It also provides programs from bachelor’s degrees to doctoral degrees. So that it can make sure that the quality of the university is above other universities in this area.

Stanford University

There is also another top university for economics in the USA, namely Stanford University. This university may have been heard very often by students. Even many students from outside the U.S. know it. If viewed from its location, it is known that Stanford University is located in the Silicon Valley area.

This area is a center of innovation in the U.S. and many create technology companies. This is what makes the campus always encouraged to give birth to the best achievements through its graduates. Therefore, this campus has always been a target for many talented and accomplished people.

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a very favorite top university for economics in the UK not only in the country but also around the world. All students dream of being able to study at the best university.

Therefore, it is not easy to be admitted to the oldest university in England.

Moreover, this university ranking is included as the world’s first rank by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings and is ranked second in the world version of QS World University Rankings.

University of Chicago

There is also a top university for economics in the USA called the University of Chicago. The university has been established in 1890 and until now it has offered hundreds of study programs or majors including economics.

As a top university in the United States, it is no wonder that this university has made achievements. Many graduates of this campus have contributed to various fields. So, this is one of the famous universities that is worth considering too.

London School of Economics and Politics Science

For those of you who are very interested in studying economics, then there is no need to bother choosing a campus. At the London School of Economics and Politics Science, you can get an education with a focus on economics too. That is why this university is the top university for economics in London.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Another name for a top university for economics is the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. The college provides many excellent programs covering various economics knowledge. So that it can be a good selection in the USA whenever someone plans to continue their degree in this field.

However, it is necessary to seek the required admission to make sure you can get accepted into this college.

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University of California – Los Angeles

The next top university for economics is the University of California, Los Angeles which is also widely known by the name term UCLA. In general, this university is ranked 30th in the world for the best university.

On the other hand, UCLA is also one of the top 10 universities with the best economics majors in the world. So, it’s no wonder that UCLA is always in demand by students both locally and foreigners.

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Columbia University

Finally, Columbia University is the top university for economics located in New York, United States. Supported by experienced teaching staff and fantastic campus facilities, Columbia University is one of the favorite universities for many students in the world.

Joining the university is expected to provide a good future and employment opportunities. Therefore, it is a good selection for those who after a successful economics degree.

By having the above list, it shall now be easier to define which college will be worth enough to select. Specially to continue the bachelor’s degree program or master’s degree program.

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Among the top university for economics above, you can select a suitable college according to your needs and capability. So that you will have a nice opportunity to continue studying along with experiencing a new environment in various countries.