7 Top University in Canada, Which One is The Best?

What is the top university in Canada? Studying in Canada is one of the best opportunities to seek by many graduates. This country offers various universities to select from. Furthermore, the country is also comfortable enough for living. Therefore, many top universities in Canada become references for many students around the world.

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Top University in Canada

Of course, getting the most suitable university to study at needs suitable consideration. To get the best place to study, it is better to have a preliminary overview of each university first. For more information related to this overview, the following paragraphs will help to explain.

7 Top University in Canada, Which One is The Best?

University of Toronto

The first top university in Canada is the University of Toronto. This university is the first rank of many categories, such as the national QS Rank, Shiksha Popularity Rank, and many other ranks in the world.

Therefore, no wonder every year many students are keen to join this place to continue their studies. Whether Canadian or foreign students, each year the University of Toronto accept many students to have their college in this place.

The University of Toronto was established in 1827. This university implies its name located in Toronto, Canada, next to the Queen’s Park. Developed with green surroundings and great architecture, this university consists of several majors to select. Such as architecture, medical sciences, arts, and many more.

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McGill University

The next top university in Canada is McGill University. This is the second rank of the university in the country. This place offers various undergraduate and postgraduate majors. Furthermore, this university is also one of the top North American research universities. So that every year many students from a various country keen to get their degree here.

McGill University was established in 1821. This university is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The location is quite strategic since it is located next to many restaurants, general stores, and many more. So that any students who decide to stay on the campus will experience nice living.

University of British Columbia

Another selection of top universities in Canada is the University of British Columbia. This university was established in 1908. It is located in Point Grey and consists of two major campuses. The first is in Vancouver, and the other one is located in Okanagan.

The university offers various programs, starting from undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate degree programs, joint academic programs, exchange programs, and distance education programs. It also offers many subjects, starting from Applied Science, Architecture, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Philosophy, Anthropology, and Ancient Culture, Religion, and Ethnicity.

University of Alberta

Next is the University of Alberta, that also established in 1908. This university consists of 18 faculties to select. So that the student will have many options to choose from whenever they keen to study in this place.

The university consists of five campuses, comprises of North Campus, South Campus, Campus Saint-Jean, Augustana Campus, and Enterprise Square. It also affiliates with St. Joseph’s College and St. Stephen’s College. So that it gives more options for the students.

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University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is also one of the top universities in Canada. This is also famous and a favorite since the main campus is located at Mount Royal. The university offers 13 faculties with more than 40 buildings in the area. The faculties include music, natural science, law, humanities, and health.

The campus also allows various organizations and clubs. So that the student can spend their spare time doing other activities such as sports, arts, and many more. Every year, the University of Montreal accepts many students including those from overseas. So that there are many chances for students from abroad to get their degree on this campus.

University of Ottawa

If you search for a place to study in Ontario, then the University of Ottawa can be a suitable selection. As one of the top universities in Canada, this place offers many subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Starting from Social Science, Law, Education, Arts as well as Health Sciences. There are also many interesting courses to select too.

As one of the top-ranking universities in the country, the University of Ottawa also offers scholarships for certain students. So that no need to worry whenever accepted into this college but with no sufficient funds to study. Furthermore, the scholarship not only applied to the national student but also the students from abroad.

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University of Waterloo

The last top university in Canada is the University of Waterloo. This is also a good selection for those looking for an opportunity to study in Canada. This university was established in 1957 and currently offers more than 100 undergraduate programs and 190 graduate programs. Therefore, there will be many subject selections for the students.

University of Waterloo’s main campus is located in Ontario, Canada. It has around 1000 acres of land. So that it can consider wide and big enough. Not to mention that it also affiliates with several other colleges such as Conrad Grebel University College, Renison University College, St. Jerome’s University, and St. Paul’s University College.

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Those are all the information related to the top university in Canada. Through the above explanation, now it will be easier to define which place is the most suitable university to study. Furthermore, a good overview can also help to select a proper preparation before starting studying in the country.