10 Top University in China, Which One is The Best?

China is not only famous for its beautiful place. But it also has many options for those who look for a top university in China. Therefore, it is also a good chance to study in this country.

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Top University in China

10 Top University in China, Which One is The Best?

However, not much information might provide a specific list of top universities in this country. If you are keen to study in China, it is recommended to select one of the following universities.

Tsinghua University

The favorite and top university in China is Tsinghua University. This college was established in 1991 and is located in Beijing. Therefore, it is an easy place to search and also surround by many facilities.

The college has several majors. It provides college programs for bachelor’s degrees. It also has some interesting courses and programs, either for local students or foreign students. Through a complete facility inside the campus, no wonder that Tsinghua University is famous among many students around the area.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

The next top university in China is Shanghai Jiao Tong University. This college was established in 1896 and includes one of the non-profit public institutions in China. The college is located in Shanghai, so it is easy to reach anyone.

Furthermore, it has many excellent programs for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorates. It also provides several related courses and programs. So that anyone who wants to spend their college in this place will get enough knowledge to learn.

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Peking University

Another option for a top university in China is Peking University. This college was established in 1898 and is located in Beijing. With its strategic location, it will be easy to get to this place. Not to mention that the college completed with many facilities and scholarships.

Therefore, no wonder every year many foreign students are willing to apply to the college and get an opportunity to finalize their degree here. Furthermore, this college offers many majors to select such as arts, business, and languages.

Fudan University

There is also Fudan University which is a top university in China located in Shanghai. This college was established in 1905 and has many majors for selection. It also offers many courses and programs so that anyone who wants to study here can freely choose according to their expectation. As a large campus, the college is able to receive up to 45,000 students. Not to mention that Fudan University also completed with many interesting facilities.

Wuhan University

Wuhan University is also one of among many top universities in China. This college aligns with its name located at Wuhan. It was established in the year 1893 and offers many interesting programs for bachelor’s degrees. Furthermore, it also provides several courses and programs related to some majors in the college. So that anyone studying in this college can get complete learning related to their favorite majors.

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Zhejiang University

Another top university in China is Zhejiang University. This college was established in 1897 and is located in Hangzhou. The college can enroll up to 40,000 students. Therefore, it is no wonder that the campus is also one of the largest colleges in China. Not to mention that it offers many majors such as medicine, engineering, or science. So that anyone keen to have their study here will be free to choose their preference majors.

Nanjing University

Currently, Nanjing University is also considered a top university in China with many facilities and majors to select from. This campus was established in 1902 and is located in Nanjing. With many courses and programs, it helps the student to find their passion suitably in this college. Therefore, many students are willing to study in this college and wish to graduate with good marks.

Sun Yat-Sen University

Not many people might aware that Sun Yat-Sen University is also one of the top universities in China. This college was established in 1924 and is located in Guangzhou. Furthermore, it is a non-profit institution with some major education selection. Not only famous, but the college also has a good approach to the students.

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also a good place to deal with the college. If you wish to find another top university in China, the University of Hong Kong can be a good selection. Therefore, don’t get afraid to apply to this university.

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Xiamen University

The last nice selection for study in China is Xiamen University. This college is also a good place to learn many majors, whether for bachelor’s degree programs or certain courses and programs. Located in the heart of Xiamen, the college is completed with many facilities such as a library, housing, and many more. Therefore, if you search for a nice place located in the middle of the city to study, then this college can be a good answer to select.

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The above top university in China is a good selection for anyone who is keen to continue studying in a different country. In China, you will not only have a chance to learn many majors. But you also get a chance to enjoy its beautiful place and environment. Not to mention that the country is rich with culture. So that you can get both, study at a college and study the beautiful culture in China.