Types of Corporations

The types of corporations will be varying. However, the diversity of these corporations is not a problem. Because the presence of various companies in this country is considered more profitable. Any form and type of corporation can support the economy in all countries. Every corporation has its advantages.

Among them have business activities that involve workers until companies open employment opportunities. In addition, a corporation can also help people with lower economic levels. So do not be surprised if every corporation’s existence is needed and considered necessary. For those of you who are planning to become a businessman, you might feel confused right now. Specifically, the type of corporations that may be a question in your mind. To find out more clearly about the types of corporations, you can refer to the descriptions and explanations below.

Understanding the Types of Corporations

The presence of these types of corporations around us is very beneficial. Both for the community and to improve the national economy. But before continuing further about these types, of course, you should know in advance about the meaning of the corporations.

Corporations are a place to present goods and services that can meet the needs of the community. The term corporations itself was called a merchant. But over time the term merchant itself was removed and then the term corporations emerged. Indeed, companies and businesses, and traders are interrelated and cannot be separated.

Not just the definition and understanding of the corporations that you need to understand further. But also what the functions of the corporations can be separate information for you. At least you know correctly that the presence of companies can move the country’s economy. And there are many more functions of corporations that you can know to support your business.

Understanding Various Types of Corporations

Forms and Types of Corporations

The economic activities of each person or entity are different. This economic activity may include activities in the service sector and industry. In addition, economic activities carried out by a person or entity may also include the fields of trade and agriculture. Each type of business when viewed based on its business activities has a different meaning. The fields are also different so you have to know very well about the characteristics of each of these businesses.

Types of corporations can also be present concerning the goals or benefits obtained. Corporations that earn profits include firms as well as companies. Among these types of corporations, the company is certainly in the spotlight. Moreover, it runs with the sale of shares in the capital market. Furthermore, some types of corporations as listed in the following:


General partnerships, joint ventures, and limited liability partnerships are the three main categories of partnerships.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A limited liability company is a type of corporate entity that provides some degree of separation between the owners of the company and the company itself. An LLC shields its owners, referred to as “members,” from being held financially responsible for the majority of debts and losses while also safeguarding their personal assets in the event that the company fails.

Sole Proprietorship

In a sole proprietorship, there are no legal differences made between the company and the individual who runs it. This implies that the business’s sole proprietor is responsible for any obligations and losses suffered by the company, both personally and financially.

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Management of Corporations Types

All forms and types of corporations that are present and take place require proper management. However, the form of management of each corporation is very influential for the continuity of the corporation itself. The management of these types of corporations is only divided into two types. The first is the management of corporations by individuals. The second type is the management of the corporations by the group.

However, in general, corporations are managed by a group to become large. While corporations managed by individuals are generally still small businesses. Not a few corporations are managed by individuals only. These businesses include home industries whose products are not as plentiful as large companies that employ employees.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Types of Corporations

Each type of corporation that you already know certainly has its advantages. For those of you who want to open an individual startup business, of course, you can get all the profits. However, you must also bear the loss individually. In contrast to companies that are managed by more than two people or by groups.

Business capital is generally borne jointly so that the corporation’s existence can continue. This funding is also accompanied by the distribution of operating results which are divided by each corporation’s manager. So the corporation’s profits cannot be owned personally. Meanwhile, losses can also be shared if the corporations are managed in groups.

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Different Types of Corporations

The types of corporations that have been discussed above indeed consist of various types. All kinds of advantages or advantages and strengths of each of these corporations have also been described. Of course, people can know exactly about the type of corporations that will be held. But of course, the first step to forming a corporation is to set its goals.

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Some corporations are formed to make a profit. However, some corporations are established to serve the community. So the corporations themselves can be divided into profit and non-profit corporations. This difference becomes even clearer with the activity. Profit companies are sure to launch products and services that are expected to attract customers. Meanwhile, companies that do not seek profit must act as social institutions.