University of Delaware Top Majors | Complete University Guide

There are several favorite majors at University of Delaware that can be selected. As one of the leading universities in the world, of course, the University of Delaware has credibility that is no longer in doubt. So that every year many international students are interested in continuing their education at the university.

But often students who come from other countries have difficulty when it comes to choosing which major is the most appropriate. While here there are quite a lot of majors from undergraduate to doctoral levels. All of these majors are also interesting and quality.

Therefore, to help give a little insight into each of these majors, the article below will provide brief information in general.

So, it is expected that later students will not have difficulty in choosing which major is the most suitable.

Why the University of Delaware?

University of Delaware Top Majors | Complete University Guide

Maybe some people will ask the question of why to choose the university of Delaware. While behind this there are many strong reasons why this university is an option for many students. Moreover, this university is included in the top 100 best universities in the world. So of course, the programs offered have good accreditation and are recognized by many companies in the world.

The University of Delaware was founded in 1743 as Newark Academy. It was later in 1834 that it became Delaware Academy. Until now the educational institution is known as the University of Delaware, which currently has hundreds of majors to choose from as well as quite a lot of faculties that overshadow it.


The first university of Delaware top majors was finance. This major is a course that helps students to know how to manage finances optimally. While on the other hand, business growth has recently increased.

So do not be surprised if the finance department becomes one of the favorite choices for many students to provide managing business finances after graduation later. In addition to having a good curriculum and accreditation, this department also has a neat and well-structured lecture guide.

Registered Nursing

The next University of Delaware top majors is the registered nurses. This department provides a lot of knowledge related to nursing, for example treating patients, treatment techniques, and so on.

It turns out that this is a major that has quite a lot of enthusiasts at the university every year. So do not be surprised if the applicants for this department are quite high.


Accounting is a University of Delaware top majors that are also widely chosen by international and local students. This department, like the finance department, provides adequate information related to the proper financial management of the company.

Therefore, many pursue the department to get knowledge related to good corporate finance. So, with this knowledge, at least help graduates from this best university to be able to get a dream job in finance at a world-class global company.


Speaking of the University of Delaware top majors of course will also talk about management majors. This department is also the target department of many prospective students because of the good credibility and experienced teaching staff at the university.

Not only that, but the marketing department is quite broad in providing a variety of education and strategies related to business marketing. So, it’s no wonder if it becomes an interesting major to study more deeply.

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The psychology major is also one of the University of Delaware’s top majors. In this department, many interesting things can be studied carefully. Starting from how to analyze a person’s character to determine abnormalities in the person.

Being one of the most interested majors at the University of Delaware, apparently, this program is also supported by expert and educated teaching staff.

So that the quality offered by this major will not need to be doubted. Furthermore, the university provides high-quality curriculum for the major.

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Business Administration

One major that is also in great demand at the University of Delaware is the department of business administration. Related to the finance, accounting, and marketing departments above, this is a complementary major when someone wants to focus on developing and running a business.

Therefore, no wonder students who want to pursue business will generally choose this major. Since this is an important basic that needs to understand by many students who dream to run their own businesses in the future.

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Biological Science

Another option from the University of Delaware’s top majors is a major in biological science. This department is quite interesting and has many complete supporting facilities.

Starting from laboratories, and library science book collections, to facilities to conduct research related to this department. Therefore, the biological science department can also be said to be the University of Delaware’s top majors.

Choosing a University of Delaware top majors is important. So that later when joining the institution will not have difficulty following the lectures held.

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Not only that, with the selection of the right major, then the talents and interests of students will be channeled appropriately as well. So that later able to provide a bright future in the future after graduation later.