Wave Bridge in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries that have a large selection of tourist attractions. Some of them are famous such as Universal Singapore, Sentosa Island, to the interesting Wave Bridge in Singapore. Of course, visiting this one country requires enough time to be able to witness all the attractions. Especially if you are interested in seeing a phenomenal bridge with an interesting design earlier.

Unfortunately, Wave Bridge in Singapore is still not widely known by tourists. One of them is because of less information than other interesting tourist attractions in the country. Therefore, to provide complete information about this tourist attraction, see the explanation available in the paragraph below.

The Wave Bridge in Singapore

About Wave Bridge in Singapore

Wave Bridge in Singapore is also famous for its original name, The Henderson Waves Bridge. This bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore since it is standing at an elevation of 36 meters above ground level. The bridge was unveiled in 2008. Its fantastical shape has provided an unexpected jolt of design savvy to the verdant green belt in the southern part of Singapore since it was first constructed.

Clear and beautiful skies can be seen at Henderson Waves. The Southern Ridges Walk is a hiking trail that spans a distance of five kilometers and passes through three major parks. The parks are including Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Mount Faber Park. This Wave Bridge in Singapore connects on its way to Mount Faber Park. Therefore, this is the best way to discover the bridge. The latter two are the ones that are connected by Henderson Waves. A walk along the Ridges will not only allow you to see a diverse range of tropical plants and animals. But it will also provide you with some breathtaking vistas of the surrounding island.

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Henderson Waves Bridge Design

The structure known as Henderson Wave Bridge in Singapore is supported by arches made of steel and is covered in curved slats of Balau wood. The bridge, which runs for a total of 274 meters, is shaped like a wave, as suggested by its namesake, and it undulates and winds its way across the water. Its form is anchored by steel arches and filled in with curved ‘ribs’—slats of Balau wood, which is a dense hardwood that is only found in Southeast Asia and is used in heavy construction.

As a result of the shape of the bridge, it contains some concealed recesses and niches in the form of shells, which provide places for pedestrians to sit and take in the scenery. On the weekends, the bridge is a popular destination for couples, as well as joggers and families with children. This is because there is room to rest and there is privacy. The bridge is illuminated to stunning effect by light-emitting diode (LED) lighting from 7 pm to 7 am every night, and visitors linger to admire the bridge as dusk falls.

Things to Do in Wave Bridge in Singapore

There are many activities to perform while being in the Wave Bridge in Singapore. Some interesting views and scenery also can be seen. The following are some magnificent things that you can get.

  • At the crest of the wave. The thick jungle is separated into sections by a fantastic bridge in the shape of Henderson Waves. This section also features a seriously creative twist.
  • The reflection of the colors of the sunset off of Henderson Waves Bridge gives the bridge a stunning golden sheen.
  • At the Henderson Waves, pedestrians have plenty of pockets to relax in, including nooks that resemble shells and recesses that are hidden from view.
  • When the sun is out, visitors can take in the breathtaking panorama of the harbor from the bridge, which soars an astounding 12 stories into the air. They will be able to take in the calming sights and sounds of the forest as they walk along the earth trails after crossing the bridge.
  • Every day, beginning at seven in the evening and continuing until two in the morning, visitors can bask in the breathtaking night view of the city, which is made possible by the wave forms, which emit a glowing light.

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Location and How to Get There

Wave Bridge in Singapore is located along the Southern Ridges Walk. Getting to Henderson Waves, shouldn’t be too difficult. Taking the bus will get you to the bridge the quickest and most easily. A bus stop can be found directly underneath where Henderson Waves is located.

Those traveling on the East-West Line of the MRT can get off at the Redhill station to reach the bus stop. A person should take Bus #145 from the station for the remainder of the seven stops it makes. The Henderson Waves Bridge can be seen from the bus stop at Bef Telok Blangah Hts. Near the bus stop is a set of stairs that can be used to reach the nearby bridge.

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With the information about Wave Bridge in Singapore above, it is certainly quite easy to get to the location and find the best transportation to the location. Take time to see this interesting tourist attraction while in Singapore. Of course, this can be one of the most beautiful and interesting memories. It may not even be forgotten during a visit to Singapore.